Can dependents go to Japan?

The Spouse (Dependents) Visa is for an Applicant who will come to Japan as the spouse, unmarried child, or other dependents of a foreigner. The Spouse (Dependents) Visa allows the Applicant to carry on normal daily activities in Japan but does not allow the Applicant to work. …

Can dependents enter Japan?

On September 25, 2020, the GOJ announced that, in principle, the holders of Statuses of Residence of “Student”, “Dependent” and others, in addition to cross-border business travelers of all countries and regions are permitted to enter Japan from October 1, 2020, under the condition that the person is hosted by a …

What are the requirements for dependent visa in Japan?

Applying for a Dependent Visa Yourself

  • Family Register.
  • Certificate of acceptance of registration of marriage.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Any other document that can be accepted as meeting the requirements of the previous items.
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Can I invite my family to Japan?

Invite your Spouse or Children

You may invite your spouse (legally married husband and wife) and unmarried children to Japan, if you are a holder of the Working Visa or Non-working Visa (except for Diplomat, Official, Technical Intern Training, Temporary Visitor, and Trainee).

How long does it take to get dependent visa for Japan?

The visa application process can take three months or more, and so please allow enough time to ensure that you can bring your family with you to Japan. The RIKEN laboratory that you work with will be able to assist with all the necessary paperwork.

Can I bring my parents to Japan?

You can bring your parents to Japan by using specific activities (dependents of old parents). … The main premise is that the foreigner in Japan must be “not illegally staying (legally staying in Japan)”. It will be difficult to bring in parents unless you have a status of residence and are officially permitted to stay.

Can I visit my spouse in Japan?

Spouses. Foreigners who are married to a Japanese national or to a permanent resident of Japan (see below) can obtain a spouse visa, which allows them to engage in any paid activity in Japan. Residence permission is granted in periods of 6 months or 1, 3 or 5 years and is extendable.

Who are eligible for dependent visa?

Spouses, partners and unmarried children under the age of 18 are eligible for dependent visas.

How can I bring my siblings to Japan?

One way is to go directly to an overseas Japanese embassy or consulate and apply for a visa. (It may take 2-3 months.) The second way is to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (Dependent) at an Immigration Bureau in Japan on behalf of the family member(s).

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Can I study in Japan with a dependent visa?

Take note that a Dependent Visa is not a Work Visa. However, the dependent is allowed to study in Japan or work part-time with conditions. Similar to a Student Visa holder, the Immigration will give your family member a residence card upon arriving in Japan.

How many hours can a dependent work in Japan?

Work Permission for Student and Dependent Visa Holders

This Permission allows you to work within 28 hours a week and there is no restriction in the type of activities (except for the sex industry) or limit in terms of the amount of income.

How can I apply for family visa in Japan?


  1. Download the application form from Application for Certificate of Eligibility.
  2. Prepare the necessary documents.
  3. Apply for a COE at the Immigration Bureau.
  4. Receive the COE from the Immigration Bureau.
  5. Send the COE via international express mail to your family in your home country.

Can a friend invite me to Japan?

Here’s what they need to give you: Proof of Relationship. A letter from the person to be visited explaining their relationship to you plus other documents such as pictures, passport copies, etc. Invitation letter from the person you will visit.

What is the easiest visa to get for Japan?

Japanese Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is the easiest way for most people to get into Japan. Depending on your country, your maximum duration of stay will be different and will range between 1 and 3 months. For some people, you may be able to leave the country and come back and get another tourist visa to stay longer.

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How much does a Japanese visa cost?

Fees must be paid for the issuance of visas. The fees are about 3,000 yen for a single-entry visa, 6,000 yen for a double-entry or multiple-entry visa, and 700 yen for a transit visa. Fees are collected in the currency of the country (region) in which the Embassy / Consulate General is located.

Can spouse go with student in Japan?

To have family members(spouse and children only)come and live together with you, they need to obtain visa with a status of “dependent” visa. International students already in Japan can apply for Certificate of Eligibility for the status of Dependent at the Immigration Services Bureau on behalf of their family members.