Can I apply for MEXT from Japan?

An applicant who has Japanese nationality at the time of application will not be eligible.

Which country can apply for MEXT scholarship?

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan offers scholarships to international students who wish to study at Japanese universities as Undergraduate Students under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program as follows.

Do I need to know Japanese to apply MEXT scholarship?

3) Can I apply for MEXT scholarship if I do not know Japanese language? A) Yes. However, for students who apply for undergraduate in Social Sciences and Humanities, Japanese test score is taking into consideration.

How do I apply for the MEXT scholarship in Japan?

How to Apply for MEXT Scholarship 2022?

  1. Find the Japanese Embassy or Consulate of your country from here.
  2. Visit the website of Japanese Embassy of your country. …
  3. Download the MEXT scholarship application form and fill it.
  4. Submit the required documents (list given below) to Japanese Embassy of your country.
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Can I work in Japan after MEXT scholarship?

Regardless of MEXT Scholarship status, you can directly change your residency from Student to work types without returning home. I applied for the job in January, interviewed in February, and my residency got changed from Student to my current status in March, ready to work on April.

Is it hard to get MEXT scholarship?

MEXT scholarship tests are quite challenging. They are also long, and you need to be able to focus for a few hours in a row, especially for the undergraduate MEXT scholarship. All tests have multiple-choice questions, except for the math tests and some parts from the Japanese tests.

Is ielts required for MEXT scholarship?

Language proficiency test score – how much is enough ? … For people who want to take degree in English, they have to submit English Proficiency test score (IELTS, TOFEL, TOEIC, etc). Normally, in the application documents , MEXT does not set the minimum score for both language.

Can you use a calculator on the MEXT exam?

No Calculators or Dictionaries may be used in any of the exams.

How do I prepare for the MEXT scholarship exam?

How to prepare for the MEXT scholarship

  1. Choose your field of study. …
  2. Prepare for the MEXT scholarship exams. …
  3. Put together your application documents. …
  4. The importance of the research plan and justification answers. …
  5. Keep in touch with the embassy where you apply. …
  6. Be organized. …
  7. Keep a positive attitude. …
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How many MEXT scholarships are given?

Approximately 150 students receive scholarships annually. For more information, see Application Guideline for Undergraduate Students 2021.

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What is the deadline of MEXT Scholarship 2022?

6) MEXT Scholarships for Singapore 2022

Deadline: 25th June 2021.

When should I apply for MEXT scholarship?


  1. Be between 17 and 22 years old.
  2. Have completed 12 years of education or have a high school diploma.
  3. If you haven’t graduated yet, wait to apply until the year you’re expected to graduate.

Which documents are required for MEXT scholarship?

Required Documents

  • Mark Sheet Form.
  • Application Form (1 original, 1 copy)
  • Research Plan (1 original, 1 copy)
  • Attested copies of transcripts for all universities attended.​ (1 copy with original attestation, 1 copy) …
  • Attested copy of certification of graduation or degree certificate of university attended. (

How prestigious is the MEXT scholarship?

The MEXT Scholarship is one of Japan’s most prestigious scholarships funded by the Ministry of Education and given to International students. It is highly competitive and is given to a select few who have shown excellent academic achievements and have a clear vision to pursue their education and research in Japan.

Is MEXT scholarship enough?

So the quick answer to this question is yes, it should be enough. Unless you plan to live in an extravagant apartment or eat in an expensive restaurant for every meal, what MEXT gives it’s scholars is more than sufficient.

How do I get university recommendations for MEXT?

The International Student Support Section selects those who are ranked high on the list of students registered for university screening scholarship and ask them to submit the prescribed application form and go through an interview. The university then selects certain number of students and recommends them to MEXT.

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