Can I track my Japan crate?

Can I track Japan crate?

Japan Crate + DHL

In addition to receiving your crate faster, you will also be given a tracking number for your crate. The tracking number for the crate will be emailed to you by DHL once the crate ships.

How long does Japan crate take to arrive?

Crates can take 2-4 weeks from ship date to arrive to your country. We ask that you wait 6 weeks from ship date to allow for any weather, Custom, postage or holiday delays.

How long does it take for an UMAI crate to arrive?

While we enjoyed opening twelve boxes of Japanese toys and candy, it was a relief to get it all done. But just as we started celebrating, we got the news. Japan Crate was launching a new service, Umai Crate, that sends out monthly boxes of instant noodles to its customers.


Noodle Type Items Received
Soba 1

Where is Japan crate located?

Japan Crate

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Type Private
Industry Consumer packaged goods
Founded September, 2014
Founders Hank Rao, Anthony Sconzo
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan

Who does Japan crate ship through?

The Japan Crate family range of crates are now shipping through DHL! To help guide you through the new shipping method, we’ve created this blog that will lay out some of the most important bits of info. Crates shipped with DHL come with tracking!

How do I cancel my Japan crate order?

You must cancel through your subscription account or notify us by emailing your request to cancel, to, prior to the anniversary date of the month following, or subscription period, to cancel the subscription renewal.

How long does it take for Tokyo treat to arrive?

After the order is placed, your box is immediately prepared and packed (within 3 business days) to be handed over to delivery courier. The estimated delivery time is based on your country’s shipping method: DHL shipping : 3-5 days. Express Shipping (For US YumeTwins and nomakenolife subscribers): 5-10 days.

Does Loot Crate refund?

Loot Crate states that refunds or replacements are possible as long as you report the problem within 30 days. In case the product is available, you will get a replacement, and if it’s not, the company will approve a refund.

How long does it take for snack crate to ship?

After they are inspected and approved for safety, they are boxed up and shipped out to you. This process takes about 3 weeks from the day your order is confirmed.

What do you put in Japanese ramen?

Below is a list of toppings that are commonly served with ramen:

  1. Chashu. Fatty slices of roasted or braised pork. …
  2. Menma. Preserved bamboo shoots with a salty flavor.
  3. Negi. Chopped or shredded leeks or green onions. …
  4. Moyashi. Raw or cooked bean sprouts add sweetness and crunch. …
  5. Tamago. …
  6. Seaweed. …
  7. Kamaboko. …
  8. Corn.
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What is UMAI in Japanese?

うまい umai is a multi-meaning word, which generally means ‘good’. For instance, it can be used to say someone is good at doing something. 洋子はピアノがうまい ようこはピアノがうまい yoko wa piano ga umai – Yoko is good at (playing) the piano. It can also mean something tastes good or is delicious.

What is UMAI crate?

Umai Crate is a monthly Japanese noodle subscription box! Each month’s crate includes 8-10 noodles with a culinary bonus item, exclusive recipe card, and guide with translations & instructions for $30/month.

Who owns Japan crate?

Hank Rao – Founder and CEO – Japan Crate | LinkedIn.

What comes in Japan crate?

Japan Crate offers the unique experience of Japan through monthly crates filled with candy, kawaii, noodles, collectible Gachapon toys or stationery.

Is Tokyo treat legit?

TokyoTreat has a consumer rating of 4.56 stars from 637 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with TokyoTreat most frequently mention japanese snacks, new things and much fun. TokyoTreat ranks 4th among Subscription Shopping sites.