Can Saitama be injured?

Can Saitama get injured?

No… at least fighting wise.. he never loses. So far no one can beat him or even damage him or even make him excited.. All went down in One Blow.. Few Survived due to Saitama holding back his power….

Can Saitama bleed?

Yes. Saitama is a human after all. Humans bleed too. We may have never seen Saitama bleed in the story except for his dream but that does not mean Saitama can’t bleed.

What is Saitama’s weakness?

Saitama does have a weakness. A psychic could throw him into space. This would have to be a powerful psychic though. A psychic that could manipulate gravity into reversing, because using direct psychic attacks on Saitama would be useless due to his willpower which cancels out psychic attacks.

Can Saitama stop a bullet?

No, you can’t. The reason why is because Saitama left a gigantic dent in the moon just by jumping.

Who can defeat Saitama?

Only people able to beat saitama would be Saiki and lite. Like jesus, Goku and All Might dont stand a chance. Only thing Saitama lacks is any special power. But in Strength, Speed, Power, AND STAMINA, Goku and all might would die instantly.

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Who would win Goku or Saitama?

The mere comparison of strength between the two characters is crazy. Goku is an extraterrestrial being who has to lose a fight in order to get stronger. Saitama is a man that can defeat any foe with a single punch. If the two of them were to face off in a one-on-one battle, Saitama would easily win.

Is Saitama a human?

Saitama is human. He is a human that trained like hell and became as powerful as a god. Though he does possess an extreme amount of power, he is a human.

What is one punch man’s real name?

Saitama is a superhero and the protagonist of the manga and anime series One-Punch Man.

Real Name Saitama (full name unknown)
First Appearance One-Punch Man, Chapter 1 (2009)
Creators One
Team Affiliations Hero Association

Will one punch Man Season 2 be on Netflix?

Since the release of One Punch Man season 2 in April 2019, fans have been extremely eager to see it arrive on Netflix. Sadly, it still remains extremely unlikely that we’d see the second season come to Netflix even if the license for the anime is renewed.

Has anyone beaten Saitama?

Long story short, No., there is no one who can beat Saitama. … Saitama was unphased, unharmed, and obliterated him. He kneed Saitama from earth to the moon… when have you seen goku do that.

What is Saitama rank now?

Under the Hero Association, he is assigned the hero name Caped Baldy (ハゲマント, Hagemanto; Viz: Bald Cape) and is currently B-Class Rank 7. After the battle against the Monster Association, he is currently ranked 39th in the A-Class.

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What is Saitama’s power level?

Saitama is Multi-Planet level, thus, he’d be about 10,000PL–100,000PL. The Official Guidebooks confirm that 10,000PL is required to destroy a Planet.