Can you convert Japanese 3DS to English?

7 Answers. You cant change it, and also, you cannot transfer data between a Japanese 3DS and a English 3DS. Gamestop CANNOT do that either. Plus, data saved on the SD Card of the Japanese 3DS also cannot be transferred to ANY 3DS what so ever, besides the music and pictures you put on it yourself.

How do I change my Japanese 3DS to English?

Complete these steps

  1. Select the System Settings icon on the HOME Menu (looks like a wrench), and tap Open.
  2. Tap Other Settings in the lower-right corner.
  3. For the original Nintendo 3DS family systems, tap 4 at the top of the screen. …
  4. Tap Language. …
  5. Select English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.
  6. Tap OK to confirm.

Can you change the language of a 3DS?

At the main menu, scroll over to and tap on the “System Settings” menu (wrench) icon. From the System Settings menu, tap on the “Other Settings” menu (yellow wrench) icon. Scroll right to page 4 or tap on “4” at the top of the touch screen. … Tap the desired language, then tap on “OK” at the bottom of the touch screen.

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Can I use a 3DS from Japan?

All 3DS XLs are region-locked. Japanese games and European games do not work properly on a North American 3DS XL, if at all.

Can you play Japanese DS games on English 3DS?

Yes, what you want to do is possible. While all 3DS software is region-locked, Nintendo DS software is not. Because that region-locking isn’t encoded into the DS software, you can play software from all regions on your 3DS.

Are Japanese 3DS region locked?

The Japanese and European versions of the Nintendo 3DS are likewise region locked.

What’s the difference between 3DS XL and LL?

The new Nintendo 3DS LL (XL internationally) replaces the old Nintendo 3DS LL and it’s slightly thinner, larger, and 7 grams lighter than its predecessor. … Nintendo claims that the new models have faster processors and better camera tracking to improve 3D when looking at an angle.

Do Japanese DS games have English language option?

This group contains Japanese game releases for Nintendo DS platform which have full English support. Requirements for every game in this group: All on-screen text must be available in English. All dialogues must either be dubbed to English or have English subtitles.

What language are DS games written in?

What language should these games be coded in? C/C++ and Assembly (ARM) is used to make DS games, Although you could just stick to using one or the other.

How do I change the language on my Nintendo 3DS eshop?

Go to and sign in to your Nintendo Account.

  1. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and locate the language drop-down menu in the bottom-right corner. [ …
  2. Click the arrow and select the language you want to display.
  3. The website language will automatically update to your selection.
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Why 3DS is region locked?

Region locking enables Nintendo to include parental controls and more efficiently deliver region-specific system and menu updates to users. In order to make the process convenient for users, we will be as flexible as possible with how we define each region. For example, Europe is being defined as one region.

Is the 3DS discontinued?

The 3DS family was discontinued on September 16, 2020, though the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Network remain active in most regions.

How do I know if my 3DS is Japanese?

Look near the barcode in the lower right on the back of the case. You’ll see a code like CTR-APPP-GER or CTR-A66J-JPN , maybe with TSA before it, or a similar code with a P in the middle like CTR P ATHE USA . The last three letters indicate the country of origin with ASI for multi-country Asian releases.

Can a Japanese DSi play American Games?

Nintendo DSi exclusive game cards

Nintendo DSi game cards that are only compatible with Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL (and not Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite) are region locked. This means game cards manufactured for the U.S. market would not work in a system made for another country.

How do I know if my 3DS is region locked?

Check the game card itself (Nintendo 3DS Games Only)for a code printed on the cartridge label. If the code does not end in “USA,” then it is meant for an overseas market.

Are DS games region locked on 3DS?

Any original DS cartridge will be region-free and fully playable. 3DS games are region locked on 3DS, the only region free software available is the Louvre’s guide. DS games (which are playable on 3DS) are by and large region free, so you can buy any DS game from anywhere and play them on any 3DS machine.

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