Can you get scammed on Mercari Japan?

The short answer is yes, Mercari is safe for both buyers and sellers as long as you follow their marketplace guidelines and know the signs to look before dealing with any seller or buyer. Is your personal data secure on Mercari?

Are there fake buyers on Mercari?

Mercari has dishonest and fraudulent buyers.

I had two buyers who claimed I was selling fakes just so they could return their items. … Mercari’s return policy does NOT allow returns due to fit, but they do allow returns for claims of inauthenticity. Buyers know this and they leverage it.

How do I get a refund from Mercari Japan?

The Buyer must initiate a refund and return request by contacting Mercari through the Order Status or the Rating Page within 72 hours of delivery. Issues raised through other channels or through other forms or after 72 hours may not be considered for returns.

Does Mercari protect buyers from fakes?

We’re updating our Terms of Service on January 1, 2022. Items that are known or suspected to be replicas, imitations, or in any way not authentic should not be listed on Mercari. Any item that appears to be inauthentic will be reviewed and potentially removed from the platform.

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What is Mercari and is it safe?

Mercari is a C2C marketplace where individuals can enjoy buying and selling items. Through our unique payment deposit system and our use of AI to monitor for fraud, anyone can enjoy safe and secure transactions.

Are Mercari items authentic?

As part of our Mercari program we offer Mercari Authenticate (“Authenticate”) which provides a means to authenticate certain items through a third-party service provider; Real Authentication (“RA”). … Upon authentication by RA, Mercari does not represent, warranty or guarantee the item to be authentic.

How do I cancel an order on Japanese Mercari?

From the order status tap on “Request cancellation” and choose a reason for requesting a cancellation. Note: if you don’t see the “Request cancellation” option, your order may not qualify for cancellation.

How do I contact seller on Mercari Japan?

If you have questions or problems with the Mercari app, contact us from the app by going to “マイページ” (My Page), then tapping “お問い合わせ” (Contact Us).

How do you message sellers on Mercari Japan?

You can’t message mercari sellers unless you’ve bought something from them with a direct mercari account. All you can do is comment on other listings they have and hope they respond. But you will need a japanese mercari account.

How do I avoid getting scammed on Mercari?

Take pictures of things that are wrong with your item, things that aren’t wrong with your item, and everything else. Avoiding it as a buyer: As a buyer, the best way to avoid a scammy seller is to exercise caution and, when in doubt, don’t buy. If a deal seems too good to be true, pass.

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Is Mercari safer than eBay?

The buyer claims the item is damaged (which it is not) and sends it back, and you have to pay return shipping plus the eBay fees for selling the item. Overall, eBay is safer for the buyer, but Mercari has the best deals.

Why do sellers cancel on Mercari?

Sellers can cancel a transaction if the item is damaged/defective or if they’re unable to fill/ship the order. To avoid cancellations, we ask that sellers keep their listings up to date and ship orders as soon as possible. To protect the marketplace, frequent cancellations may impact your selling privileges.