Can you take Benadryl to Japan?

Can you bring Benadryl into Japan?

The active ingredient of (US branded) Benadryl is diphenhydramine. Diphenhydramine is a legal drug in Japan sold over the counter, however in Japan it is sold as a sleep aid rather than as an active allergy fighter. However it is legal to bring into Japan and I have brought it with me without issues.

Can I bring antihistamines to Japan?

Antihistamine is available OTC in Japan. However it’s best to bring the medication your son is used to. Buying medications in Japan is not fool proof as Japanese’s pronunciation can be totally different from that in English. In addition, many medications come in smaller dosage.

Is Claritin allowed in Japan?

Schering-Plough’s non-sedating antihistamine Claritin (loratadine) 10mgtablet has been approved in Japan as a prescription product for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, chronic idopathic urticaria (hives of unknown cause) and itching associated with skin diseases in adults and children over 15.

What medicine is not allowed in Japan?

Heroin, cocaine, MDMA, opium, cannabis (marijuana), stimulant drugs including some prescription medications such as Adderall are prohibited in Japan. There are no exceptions in bringing these prohibited medications into Japan, even if the medication is legally obtained outside of Japan.

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Can I bring my ADHD medication to Japan?

If you bring Adderall into Japan for any reason, you risk arrest and imprisonment. Currently, the only drug used to treat ADHD that is legal in Japan is Concerta. While Ritalin is available in Japan to treat sleep disorders, it is not prescribed to ADHD patients.

Can you post medication to Japan?

It is illegal /banned/prohibited to send a medicine by post that is classified as a narcotic, psychotropic or stimulant medicine. If these medicines are sent by post they will be seized by Customs and will therefore not arrive at the intended destination.

Is ibuprofen illegal in Japan?

The following over-the-counter medications are prohibited in Japan since they contain narcotic or stimulant ingredients in excess of the Japanese standard: TYLENOL COLD. NYQUIL. … ADVIL COLD & SINUS.

Can I take Prozac to Japan?

Up to a two-months’ supply of allowable over-the-counter medication and up to a four-months’ supply of allowable vitamins can be brought into Japan duty-free. Some popular medications legal in the U.S., such as Prozac and Viagra, are sold illegally in Japan on the black market.

Is Benadryl an antihistamine?

Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine used to relieve symptoms of allergy, hay fever, and the common cold. These symptoms include rash, itching, watery eyes, itchy eyes/nose/throat, cough, runny nose, and sneezing.

Is melatonin allowed in Japan?

The question is why? OTC melatonin has been banned for years in the United Kingdom (UK), European Union, Japan, Australia and most recently Canada. Exogenous melatonin is not outlawed by these countries but regarded as a medicine, available only by prescription.

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Is aspirin legal in Japan?

It is okay to bring in your personal medicines. If you ever run out of them, do consult a pharmacist at drugstores in Japan. The basic medicines are available without a doctor’s prescription.

What drugs are over the counter in Japan?

The 3 Categories of Non-Prescription Drugs in Japan

In Japan, non-prescription drugs are classified under three categories: Class 1 Drugs, Class 2 Drugs, and Class 3 Drugs. Collectively they are known as OTC (over-the-counter) drugs. Patients are free to seek the advice of a pharmacist before purchasing OTC drugs.

What Cannot be brought into Japan?

Don’t Bring These Restricted Items to Japan

  • Certain fresh fruits or vegetables & soil. …
  • Certain types of ham, sausage & bacon. …
  • Items made from CITES-listed species. …
  • Illegal drugs. …
  • Weapons such as guns & explosives. …
  • Fake products. …
  • Uncensored adult videos or books & child pornography. …
  • Counterfeit money & credit cards.

Why is Adderall illegal in Japan?

Adderall contains amphetamine, which is a strictly controlled substance in Japan. You cannot bring this medication with you when you come to Japan either.