Did Kobe have knee problems?

Kobe had suffered a lateral tibial plateau fracture in his left knee, an injury that even the Lakers star couldn’t fight through. “With a fracture, it takes time.

Did Kobe Bryant tear his meniscus?

Regardless, Bryant did no further damage by playing through it. One of the biggest complications for this type of injury doesn’t apply to Bryant at all. Usually, there is meniscal damage with this, but Bryant doesn’t have any meniscus left, which has necessitated treatment and maintenance for years.

What knee surgery did Kobe Bryant have?

Bryant went to Germany for a knee procedure similar to PRP in July 2011, a year after undergoing surgery to remove bone fragments from his knee. Three months later, according to the Los Angeles Times, he returned to Germany for PRP-type treatment on his right ankle.

How many knee surgeries did Kobe Bryant have?

Bryant, who turns 33 next month, has been bothered in recent seasons by an arthritic joint in his right knee. He has undergone three other knee procedures since 2003, including surgery last July to remove unspecified loose bodies.

When did Kobe Bryant break his leg?

From the archives: The brutal stretch leading up to Kobe Bryant’s Achilles tear in 2013.

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How bad is a tibial plateau fracture?

Patients with tibia plateau fractures are at risk for a serious condition called compartment syndrome. This occurs when the pressure in the leg gets too high for blood and oxygen to circulate. Eventually, the muscle will die if this goes untreated.

Did Kobe get PRP?

Why Kobe Bryant Chose PRP over Surgery

Kobe Bryant has undergone multiple rounds of PRP therapy and has even recommended it to friends like baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Did Tiger Woods have stem cell therapy?

Tiger Woods | Professional Golfer

The famous golfer confirmed in 2010 that he had undergone a stem cell treatment. He received joint regeneration therapy with platelet-rich injections.

Did Kobe have arthritis?

The Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar Kobe Bryant was diagnosed with arthritis in his knee after the 2012 NBA season. New procedures, such as the one Kobe received, exemplify the strides medicine has taken to provide more effective arthritis treatment. …

Did Kobe go to therapy?

Although Kobe has been mostly silent on the topic of his arthritic knee — “I’m not talking about my injury” is a constant refrain — his main treatment consisted of a new therapy called Regenokine.

What was Kobe’s last injury?

In 2013, late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles tendon during a game against the Golden State Warriors. Bryant suffered an injury during the final few minutes of the game. Bryant finished the game with 34 points, while the Lakers won with a slender 118-116 margin.

How Kobe Bryant play coming from injuries?

Ankle sprains, torn ligaments, broken fingers — he insisted on playing on, teeth bared against the pain. In 2013, after tearing his Achilles tendon in a game against GSW, he limped to the free throw line before finally walking back, on his own, to the locker room. Many credited this to Bryant’s uber-competitive spirit.

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What was Curry injury?

Curry suffered a left hip contusion on Tuesday against the Nets after stepping in front of Brooklyn star James Harden and taking a charge.