Does Buyee Japan ship to us?

Is Buyee shipping to the US?

FedEx. You can use FedEx with Buyee Air Delivery (North America only) for packages with an actual weight of 30 kg or less destined for North America.

Does Buyee shipping International?

The following is the international shipping rate that Buyee provides at present.

How much does it cost to ship from Buyee?

Domestic shipping fees change depending on the package’s weight/size, where the package is being sent from, and the shipping methods. However, prices generally range from 150 ~ 1,500 yen/$1.5 ~ $15.

How can I buy from Japan Buyee?

Service Flow

  1. Sign Up. Sign up for free. Register your delivery address.
  2. Search For Items ! Many Japanese online stores are available on Buyee. …
  3. Bid / Buy ! Place bids on auction items, or add an item to your cart and buy it.
  4. International Shipping. We will ship your package to the registered address.

How much does shipping cost from Japan to us?

Express Mail Service(EMS)

Zone First Zone Second Zone
Weight Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East
Up to 19.0kg 17,700 yen 24,400 yen
Up to 20.0kg 18,500 yen 25,500 yen
Up to 21.0kg 19,300 yen 26,600 yen
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Is Buyee safe to use?

Buyee is a site you can always depend on! It’s a really reliable site. I have mostly used it for Booth and mercari and had a lot of good luck with these platforms through buyee. A lot of the sellers are very sweet and secure with the way they ship their items.

How do you pay a shipping Buyee?

You can check on “Auction: Won” page or “Delivery” page.

  1. Confirm Arrived Packages. Buyee will automatically send you an email when your item arrives at the warehouse. …
  2. Add Optional Services. …
  3. Pay International Shipping Fee. …
  4. Checkout.

How long does EMS take from Japan to UK?

– EMS: 2 weeks for most country, may take longer than 1 month for some country (e.g. UK and the Netherlands). All option except SAL is available, but we recommend FedEx or DHL.

Can you use PayPal on Buyee?

PayPal. Select the PayPal option at the Payment Method selection screen in your My Page. … After selecting PayPal as your Payment Method, please follow PayPal’s instructions to verify your transaction. Buyee will automatically charge your PayPal account the moment you win an auction bid or place a shopping order.

Can you cancel Buyee order?

Please kindly note that although you are able to cancel a purchase after placing an order by clicking on the “Cancel” button on Orders page, once the proxy shopping procedure has started, the “Cancel” button will disappear thus it is no longer possible to cancel the already placed order.

How long does Buyee take to refund?

Issued refunds are returned to original funding source. Arrival times may vary: – Bank payments, 3-5 or 5-7 days, depending on your bank. – Cards, about a week, up to 30 days depending on your issuing card.

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How do you use a Buyee with a booth?

Browser extension that can be used to easily shop from BOOTH.

  1. Click “Install ‘Add to Buyee’” button below to add it to your browser.
  2. When you find an item you would like to purchase, just click “Add to Buyee”!
  3. Confirm the item from your Buyee Shopping Cart and click “Proceed to order page”.

What is Buyee plan?

The coverage covers only the damaged items and may be refunded at the rate of the damaged quantity. You cannot specify the packing method. Products with an Insured Delivery plan will be packed by Buyee according to the packing condition so that the possibility of damage is reduced.