Does Kobe Bryant have the most missed shots in NBA history?

At the top of the list for most missed shots in NBA history is Kobe Bryant, with 14,481.

Who has missed the most shots in NBA history?

Kobe Bryant has missed the most career field goals, with 14,481 misses.

Kobe Bryant 1346 14,481
John Havlicek 1270 13,417
Elvin Hayes 1303 13,296
LeBron James 1326 12,857

How many game winning shots has Kobe missed?

In addition Kobe has missed 42 possible game winners!

How many clutch shots has LeBron missed?

He sometimes gets a bad rap for not being clutch but his numbers say otherwise. Lebron has 19 game winners and buzzer beaters over his career. But the thing is, he is still playing and will more than likely add on to that total. He is 8-20 in the final 24 seconds of a game and 6-11 in the final 10 seconds.

Who has missed the most free throws in NBA history?

Interpreted as:

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Shaquille O’Neal 216 1,149
Wilt Chamberlain 160 870
LeBron James 266 615
Tim Duncan 251 549

Who has the most last second shots in NBA history?

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player in NBA history. One among Jordan’s innumerable NBA records is the mark for the most game-winning buzzer-beaters in league history with nine.

Who is more clutch Kobe or Jordan?

Jordan Is Much More Clutch Than Kobe Is

In his career, Jordan averaged 33.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 5.7 assists, while shooting 48.7 percent from the field.

How many shots did Kobe take in his 81 point game?

As the Lakers scored a 122-104 comeback victory at home, Bryant finished with 81 points on 28-of-46 shooting, including 7-of-13 from 3-point range, and 18-of-20 from the foul line.

Who is more clutch Jordan or LeBron?

LeBron’s average is still well above that of the league, though. As of now, the NBA average on these clutch shots is just 28.3 percent.

Comparing LeBron James’ Playoff Buzzer-Beating Shots to Michael Jordan’s Best.

Player Michael Jordan
Makes 9
Attempts 18
FG% 50

Who is more clutch KD or LeBron?

A statistic shows LeBron James is more clutch than Kevin Durant in the playoffs. … While the comparison between the two had subsided for a while, it grew again during this postseason. Even though LeBron and his Lakers got eliminated before Durant and his Nets, a stat shows that LBJ still may hold the edge over KD.

Who has the most missed shots in a game?

Joe Fulks has missed the most field goals in a game, with 42 misses versus the Providence Steam Rollers on March 18, 1948.

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Who has the highest free throw percentage of all time?


Rank Player FT%
1. Stephen Curry .9077
2. Steve Nash* .9043
3. Mark Price .9039
4. Peja Stojaković .8948