Does Tokyo Tokyo accept GCash?

We offer contactless payment options for takeout and delivery so you can #StaySafeWithTokyoTokyo. Pay for your Japanese favorites via Credit/Debit card, Paymaya, or GCash* for cravings satisfied safely and conveniently.

Does Tokyo Tokyo accept credit?

Visit us today! *PayMaya and all Mastercard or Visa cards are now accepted at select Tokyo Tokyo stores.

Who is the owner of Tokyo Tokyo?

Tokyo Tokyo has been around since 1985, bringing fast Japanese favorites like tempura and tonkatsu to the masses. It’s now owned by Hansbury Inc., under the One Food Group, which also owns the franchise for KFC and Mister Donut in the Philippines.

How do I call Tokyo Tokyo?

Or you can call them on 0917 865 9622 or send an email to

Does Tokyo Tokyo have ramen?

Introducing the NEW Cheesy Beef Ramen- a signature Tokyo Tokyo combination of beef and spicy cheese, in a warm bowl of tonkotsu broth and Japanese ramen noodles.

Will my debit card work in Japan?

Can I use my Debit Card in Japan? Debit cards, a card that charges money from your bank account at the time of purchase, can be used for shopping wherever credit cards are accepted but will have some exceptions. Use a debit card in Japan in the same way as you would a credit card.

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Is Discover accepted in Japan?

You can use your Discover card in many countries throughout the world with no foreign transaction fees. … For example, Discover is accepted in Japan where you see a JCB logo, and in India, the RuPay logo signifies a compatible ATM.

Is Tokyo a city in Japan?

Tokyo, formerly (until 1868) Edo, city and capital of Tokyo to (metropolis) and of Japan. It is located at the head of Tokyo Bay on the Pacific coast of central Honshu. It is the focus of the vast metropolitan area often called Greater Tokyo, the largest urban and industrial agglomeration in Japan.

Who owns Sushi Tokyo?

To dine at the restaurant, which is owned by Jiro Ono, who is in his 90s, and his eldest son Yoshikazu, guests must either be a regular, have special connections, or book through a concierge of a top hotel.

Is Tokyo Tokyo owned by Jollibee?

As of 2018, Tokyo Tokyo is owned by Hansbury Inc., under the One Food Group, which is also the owner of the franchise for KFC and Mister Donut in the Philippines.

Is sumo meal in Tokyo Tokyo UNLI Rice?

Try our Sumo meal, which surely satisfies a hungry pair! Enjoy servings of Pork Tonkatsu and Shrimp Tempura, two Red Iced Teas, and unlimited rice. It’s perfect for lovers and friends, don’t you think?

How much is Bento in Tokyo Tokyo?


Bento Price
1pc Tokyo Fried Chicken California Maki Bento ₱225
Ultimate Bento Set A ₱260
Ultimate Bento Set B ₱260
Ultimate Bento Set C ₱340

How much is Tokyo Tokyo ramen?

It consists of tonkotsu broth and ramen noodles, topped with their prawn tempura, kani, tofu, nori, egg, and fresh veggies. It costs P225 for a solo order; P295 with red iced tea and 3 pieces of steamed gyoza; and P305 with red iced tea and 3 pieces of fried gyoza. Order Tokyo Tokyo ramen with this GrabFood voucher.

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Where is the best ramen in the world?

Where to eat The best Ramen in the world (According to food…

  • Ichiran Nakasu. Fukuoka, Japan. 5 Chome-3-2 Nakasu Directions. …
  • Tsuta. Tokyo, Japan. …
  • Ippudo Daimyo. Fukuoka, Japan. …
  • Afuri Ebisu. Tokyo, Japan. …
  • Ginza Kagari. Tokyo, Japan. …
  • Shin Shin. Fukuoka, Japan. …
  • Ichiran Shibuya. Tokyo, Japan. …
  • Ichiran Canal City. Fukuoka, Japan.

What is in shoyu ramen?

Shoyu Ramen

Shoyu is soy sauce. Shoyu ramen has broth made with soy sauce. And when I say “made with soy sauce”, I don’t mean that soy sauce is merely added to the cooked broth. Soy sauce is added to a pot of bones (usually chicken), vegetables and water, and everything is simmered together to make a light brown broth.

What is the most popular instant ramen in Japan?

Nissin CUP NOODLE (日清食品 カップヌードル) is the classic, most popular instant noodle product of all time.