Has Japan ever won the volleyball World Cup?

Which country won most volleyball World Cup?

FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup

Current season, competition or edition: 2019 FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Cup
Sport Volleyball
Continent International (FIVB)
Most recent champion(s) Brazil (3rd title)
Most titles Soviet Union (4 titles)

Who is the most successful team in volleyball?

FIVB Senior World Ranking – Men

Rank National Team WR Score
1 Brazil 399
2 Poland 384
3 Russia 352
4 France 341

How tall is the Japanese volleyball team?

The following is the Japanese roster in the men’s volleyball tournament of the 2018 Asian Games.

Template:2018 Asian Games Japan men’s volleyball team roster.

Name Taishi Onodera
Date of birth 27 February 1996
Height 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in)
Weight 98 kg (216 lb)
Spike 330 cm (130 in)

What is the biggest volleyball tournament?

The facility hosted the 46th Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Junior National Volleyball Championships from June 16-28, 2019. The 12-day event welcomed more than 110,000 guests and is the world’s largest volleyball event and competition.

Who won the 2019 volleyball World Cup?

Brazil men’s national volleyball team
Кубок мира по волейболу среди мужчин 2019/Победитель
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