How do I get an ETC card in Japan?

Just go to the bank that your CC is set up with and ask for an ETC application. They will be able to walk you through the process. The ETC Personal Card – If you have been on the highways around Japan I am sure you would have seen the rest areas or SA areas as most navigations call them.

Do I need ETC card in Japan?

An ETC card is a smart card used for automatic payment of toll fees charged when driving on Japanese expressways. It enables you to drive through toll gates without bringing your car to a stop. To use an ETC card you not need the card , but also an ETC device to slot it into.

What is ETC card Japan?

ETC is an abbreviation for the Electronic Toll Collection System. ETC is a system which allows drivers to automatically pay tolls on toll roads without stopping the car. … The ETC card is loaded with an IC chip that identifies the person paying tolls and records the data necessary to make payment on the toll.

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How do I pay ETC in Japan?

Paying by cash or credit card

  1. ② At the Entrance tollgate, collect your toll pass ticket from the automatic ticket machine. …
  2. ③ At the Exit tollgate, hand your toll pass ticket to the attendant and pay the toll with cash or a credit card. …
  3. Paying by ETC.

How does ETC card work?

ETC(Electronic Toll Collection System) is a standardized nation wide system. When passing through the ETC lane of an expressway tollgate, information is passed in both directions between the in-vehicle device that you purchased and installed in advance (with the ETC card inserted) and the roadside antenna.

How do I pay my ETC card?

You can pay the toll with an ETC card, even if you don’t have an ETC on-board device. Please hand your ETC card to the toll gate staff in the “ETC/cash” lane or “cash” lane.

How much are the tolls in Japan?

How to Pay for Tolls. On Japanese toll roads, the average car ride costs 25 yen per km, plus 150 yen in fees, with an added 10-percent consumption tax. The total is then rounded up to the nearest 50 yen.

Can a foreigner drive in Japan?

Foreigners can drive in Japan with an International Driving Permit (IDP) for a maximum of one year, even if the IDP is valid for a longer period. … Japan only recognizes international driving permits based on the 1949 Geneva Convention, which are issued by a large number of countries.

What is ETC reader?

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) is the system which is used to record expressway tolls automatically. You can drive through the toll gate without paying the toll each time if the car has an ETC card inserted into the onboard ETC card reader device. The tolls will be paid later according the highway provider’s record.

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Is driving in Japan expensive?

Any trip that involves taking the freeway is insanely expensive, thanks to tolls. Free highways are almost non-existent in Japan, which makes any trip egregiously expensive. … Instead, drivers in Japan are stuck with huge toll bills.

How do I get on the expressway?

How do I enter a freeway?

  1. Look for the freeway entrance sign. …
  2. Make sure that you are not entering the freeway exit ramp. …
  3. Follow the freeway entrance’s speed limit. …
  4. Follow the freeway entrance’s ramp meters signal lights. …
  5. Accelerate to a safe speed close to the flow of freeway traffic. …
  6. Merge into the freeway lane.

What is ETC cash?

ETC is short for Electronic Toll Collection System, which a system for paying tolls without stopping at a toll gate.

Why are tolls so expensive in Japan?

Highway officials say the reason for high tolls is simple: It takes money to build on Japan’s expensive, mountainous, earthquake-prone terrain. And reliance on loans instead of taxes means the money has to be paid back, with interest.

Can Japan etc use in Malaysia?

First overseas project of current Japanese ETC system. … (MHI), in cooperation with Mitsubishi Corporation, began the trial operation of an electronic toll collection (ETC) system on a highway in Malaysia. ETC enables collection of road tolls without requiring vehicles to stop at tollgates.

How much is toll in Okinawa?

Tolls. The toll from end to end is 1020 yen for normal-sized cars and 840 yen for kei cars. For comparison, the Tomei and Tōhoku Expressways radiating from Tokyo have tolls of about 1650 yen for similar distances.

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What is the meaning of ETC in Toll Gate?

The Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) is a system that enables the customer to pay the toll automatically without stopping when passing the toll gate.