How do vegans live in Japan?

Can a vegan survive in Japan?

So yes, going meat-free as a vegetarian in Japan is feasible. … There are a variety of traditional Japanese foods safe for vegetarians to eat, as well as vegetarian-friendly cafés and restaurants popping up around the country. We’ve even included helpful Japanese phrases to help you navigate the bustling food scene.

Are there vegan people in Japan?

This rings particularly true in Japan, where only 2.1 percent of the population is vegan, compared to 5 percent of the country’s 30 million visitors in 2018. Internationally, veganism is on the rise, thanks in no small part to a growing awareness of meat’s negative environmental impact.

Does Japan have a lot of vegan options?

It’s not mission frickin impossible to survive as a vegan in Japan, though it helps to be well-researched and well-prepared. In popular tourist cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Fukuoka, there are plenty of restaurants offering vegan / vegetarian options of local dishes.

Is vegan popular in Japan?

Japanese cuisine is known for its heavy use of meat and fish, with even the most innocuous-looking dishes usually containing non-vegan stocks or sauces. Vegetarianism and veganism is not as popular in Japan as it is in the West, so you’ll find there’s often some confusion as to what you can and can’t eat.

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How do vegetarians survive in Japan?


  1. Learn Some Japanese.
  2. Print a Vegetarian or Vegan Card.
  3. Buy a Japanese Data SIM Card.
  4. Use Google Translate.
  5. Beware Dashi.
  6. Plan Ahead.
  7. Visit Kyoto, Tokyo or Osaka.
  8. Eat Shojin Ryori in Temples.

What country has the best vegan food?

Top 10 Vegan Countries in 2020

  • United Kingdom. Home of some of our most loved brands including The Vurger, One Planet Pizza, Meatless Farm, and countless others. …
  • Australia. Ad. …
  • Israel. Most definitely the biotech home for many of the foodtech brands creating the future of our food system. …
  • Austria. …
  • New Zealand. …
  • Germany, 7.

What is the most vegan country?

Israel has the highest percentage of vegans globally, with an estimated 5 to 8 percent of the entire population being vegan, an estimated 400,000 people and growing. Many of these vegans inhabit Tel Aviv.

How easy is it to be vegan in Japan?

It may be one of the most advanced countries in the world, but being a vegetarian in Japan is far from simple. … Not so in Japan. Whilst it is relatively easy to avoid dairy and meat, it is decidedly more difficult to be a full vegetarian or vegan due to the ubiquity of fish in the Japanese diet.

Is it easy vegan in Tokyo?

I had done some research before, read some posts in vegan Facebook groups, and everyone said that it’s quite tough as a vegan in Tokyo and Japan in general. I came with really low expectations for food, and was prepared to survive on rice and seaweed for a week.

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What do vegans in Japan eat?

Here are some of the main vegan staples of Japanese cooking.

  • Miso. Miso is one of the key ingredients of both Japanese and Chinese cooking. …
  • Tofu. Tofu is as popular in Japan as it is in China, and appears in a wide variety of dishes. …
  • Soba and Udon Noodles. …
  • Gomacio. …
  • Tamari and Shoyu. …
  • Mushrooms. …
  • Sprouts. …
  • Wasabi.

How do vegans travel to Japan?

8 Helpful Travel Tips for Surviving as a Vegan in Japan

  1. 8 Tips for Surviving as a Vegan in Japan. Make sure the ramen is vegan.
  2. Plan Ahead. …
  3. Use Google Translate. …
  4. Learn Some Japanese. …
  5. Indulge In Sushi. …
  6. Try Izakaya-Style Restaurants. …
  7. Shop Convenience Stores. …
  8. Download Veg-Friendly Apps.

How many vegans are in Japan?


Country Vegetarians (% of population) Vegans (% of population)
Japan 9% 2.7%
Latvia 5% 1%
Lithuania 6% 1%
Mexico 19% 9%

Can Vegans have sushi?

However, the pressed rice (actual sushi) is often served with animal products and meat like raw fish (sashimi), cooked fish or shellfish, fish eggs, etc. … So, sushi can be vegan, but the most common form of sushi, which contains fish, is non-vegan.

Are McDonald’s fries vegan in Japan?

McDonald’s in Japan uses beef (presumably lard) to fry their items in, so the fried items like hot apple pie and french fries all contain beef. As of the time of writing in December 2020, there were no main dishes potentially free of animal ingredients, only side dishes.

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