How do you say all the months in Japanese?

What are the 12 months in Japanese?

Days and Months

9. ku-gatsu September
10. juu-gatsu October
11. juuichi-gatsu November
12. juuni-gatsu December

What are all the months in Japanese?

The Months in Japanese

Month Japanese Characters
February ni-gatsu 二月
March san-gatsu 三月
April shi-gatsu 四月
May go-gatsu 五月

How do you say 7 months in Japanese?

Name of Months in Japanese

  1. January 1月 – いちがつ Ichi gatsu.
  2. February 2月 – にがつ Ni gatsu.
  3. March 3月 – さんがつ San gatsu.
  4. April 4月 – しがつ Shi gatsu (Not Yon gatsu)
  5. May 5月 – ごがつ Go gatsu.
  6. June 6月 – ろくがつ Roku gatsu.
  7. July 7月 – しちがつ Shichi gatsu (Not Nana gatsu)
  8. August 8月 – はちがつ Hachi gatsu.

How do you say 10 months in Japanese?

shichigatsu 七月 (7月) is “month 7,” July in Japanese. hachigatsu 八月 (8月) is “month 8,” August in Japanese. kugatsu 九月 (9月) is “month 9,” September in Japanese. jyuugatsu 十月 (10月) is “month 10,” October in Japanese.

How do you say Friday in hiragana?

If you only know how to read kana, here are the days of the week in Japanese hiragana:

  1. Sunday: にちようび, nichiyoubi.
  2. Monday: げつようび, getsuyoubi.
  3. Tuesday: かようび, kayoubi.
  4. Wednesday: すいようび, suiyoubi.
  5. Thursday: もくようび, mokuyoubi.
  6. Friday: きんようび, kinyoubi.
  7. Saturday: どようび, doyoubi.
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How do you say 4 months in Japanese?

The Japanese word for one month is 1ヶ月 (いっかげつ – ikkagetsu). The Japanese word for two months is2ヶ月 (にかげつ – nikagetsu). The Japanese word for three months is 3ヶ月 (さんかげつ – sankagetsu). The Japanese word for four months is 4ヶ月 (よんかげつ – yonkagetsu).

Is ruko a Japanese name?

Meaning & History

From Japanese 瑠 (ru) meaning “precious stone” combined with 子 (ko) meaning “child”.

What does Hazuki mean?

Hazuki (Japanese: 葉月, “month of leaves”) is the traditional name of the month of August in the Japanese calendar and a Japanese surname and given name.

What is Getsu?

GETSU / GATSU means “moon”.

How do you say 11 months in Japanese?

How to Use the Japanese Counter 月 (がつ)

Numeral Japanese Reading 1
10 十月 じゅうがつ
11 十一月 じゅういちがつ
12 十二月 じゅうにがつ
Which month 何月 なんがつ

What are the Japanese months?


English name Common Japanese name
March 三月 (sangatsu)
April 四月 (shigatsu)
May 五月 (gogatsu)
June 六月 (rokugatsu)

How many months are there in Japan?

The lunar calendars were based on the cycle of the moon, resulting in years of twelve months of 29 or 30 days (the moon takes about 29 1/2 days to circle the earth), and an occasional 13th month to even out the discrepancy to the solar cycle of 365 1/4 days, i.e. the discrepancy to the seasons.