How do you use Mazu in Japanese?

The Japanese word mazu, pronounced “MAHt-zoo”, is translated to mean “first”, or “in the first place”, as well as “about” and “almost”, depending on the context.

What is Mazui?

Mazui is a Japanese word meaning not good, or unwise.

How do you use Kantan in Japanese?

Definition: 意味

Learn Japanese vocabulary: 簡単 【かんたん】(kantan). Meaning: simple; easy; uncomplicated​.

What is Hao in Japanese?

king, rule, magnate.

How do you use Owari in Japanese?


  1. end; conclusion; finish 終 お わりの owari no final / last 終 お わりまで owari made to the last / until the end 終 お わりに owari ni in the end / finally.
  2. death; collapse; fall. あの 国 くに も 終 お わりが 近 ちか い。 Ano kuni mo owari ga chikai. That nation seems to be dying./The death of that nation seems to be coming soon.

What is Tsumetai in Japanese?

Tsumetai means ‘cold to the touch’ and is used when referring to food, drinks, objects that you touch. It is used in the translation of ‘cold person’ Tsumetai hito, ‘cold eyes’ Tsumetai me, ‘cold heart’ Tsumetai kokoro, and ‘cold attitude’ Tsumetai taido. Japan Central. Lesson Sixteen: Adjectives.

What is Kimochi warui?

The word kimochi warui [気持ち悪い] means bad feeling. It can mean bad feeling; feeling bad; unpleasant; revolting; gross and disgusting. … It can mainly refer to things like feeling nauseous or an unpleasant feeling of seeing.

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What is Yasashii?

Yasashii is a Japanese word meaning gentle or kind.

What is Taikutsu in Japanese?

TAIKUTSU means; boring, tedious, monotonous, dull, etc. The fact that TSUMARANAI has other meanings listed before “boring” makes this word less “boring” than TAIKUTSU, perhaps.

What is Yasui in Japanese?

Japanese Adjective yasui – 安い- cheap.

What is Hao Mandarin?

“Good” is 好 (hǎo) in Chinese.

What does Hao mean in Vietnamese?

The name Hao is primarily a gender-neutral name of Vietnamese origin that means Good, Perfect.