How does Louie escape the Japanese?

What was Louie’s plan to escape?

Louie, Bill Harris, and Frank Tinker plan an escape: They will sneak out of Ofuna, steal a plane, and fly out of Japan.

How did Louie survive in unbroken?

He became a bombardier in the South Pacific and was in a plane, the Green Hornet, which was shot down. He was reported dead by the American military. Miraculously, he and two other crewmen survived the plane crash. They endured a historically long raft voyage with extremely limited supplies, almost no food or water.

How did Louie survive on the raft?

They survived by catching birds with their bare hands and using the entrails for fish bait. When a tern landed on the raft, “Louie was so famished that he went at it with his teeth, ripping the feathers loose and spitting them out in whuffs,” Hillenbrand wrote in Unbroken.

How did Louie and Phil survive?

At first, they think the plane made a mistake, but when it returns and begins firing again, they realize it is a Japanese bomber. The firing comes five more times, and Louie hops into the water each time, punching sharks away. Somehow, they all survive.

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How does Louie’s family respond to his disappearance?

While Louie lives in a physical, man-made hell, his family must endure an emotional hell. Their love for Louie binds them to his suffering, and his disappearance causes them fear and worry. They combat their emotional struggles with the only weapon at their disposal: hope.

What was Louie’s first mission?

At first, Louie and his crew passed idle days waiting for battle. Then, on December 23, 1942, they took part in the bombing of a Japanese base on the island of Wake Atoll. The mission was successful.

Why does Louie feel scared?

Louis, as a young boy, was an unbroken and courageous child. In his childhood, he was not scared of anything not even the world war II scene shattered him. … But he is scared of flying. He has a fear of airoplanes and he never happened t fly in a plane when he was young.

Where does Louie grow up?

He’s resourceful and fast-thinking, and he grew up in Torrance, California, just like Dirk Diggler. The childhood scenes—and the fact that most of Louie’s childhood stories end with “and then I ran like mad” (1.1. 17)—serve to show us how tenacious he is.

What did the Japanese do to Louis Zamperini?

A bombardier in the Army Air Corps, Zamperini was in a plane that went down, and when he arrived on shore in Japan 47 days later, he was taken as a prisoner of war and tortured for two years.

How does Louie show determination in unbroken?

Louie, featured in Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, shows the following characteristic traits of determination and rebellious through his actions. Louie gets his determination for his brother who pushed him as a competitive runner. The 1936 were taking place in Berlin, Germany.…

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How did Louie resist invisibility?

Focus Question: In what ways does Louie continue to resist invisibility? By continuing to stand up and take the Bird’s abuse, Louie is resisting invisibility. He clenches his fists and allows the Bird to see the hate in his eyes rather than submit and debase himself.

How does Louis and his two surviving crew members survive at sea?

Louis found it hard to hide his resentment, but he could see that Mac was stricken with guilt, so he let it slide. However, over the next weeks, starvation settled in, and the men were unable to turn their minds from food. They survived by catching birds, eating the raw flesh, and using the rest as bait to catch fish.

Did the pilot survive in unbroken?

“Unbroken“’s Louis Zamperini Crashed Into the Pacific on May 27, 1943. … Miraculously, Russell Phillips, the pilot; Zamperini, the co-pilot; and Francis McNamara, the tail gunner survived. The three drifted on rafts, living on albatrosses they killed and feeling sharks rubbing just underneath them.

Why is Louie targeted by the bird?

Louie tried to blend in with other prisoners and hide, but the Bird hunted him like prey and always found him. Louie was desperate for someone to save him, but the only ally the men had at camp was another guard, Private Kano, who often helped the prisoners behind the Bird’s back.

Did Louie and Phil reunite?

Phil survives, along with Louie and Mac. Although Mac dies, Phil and Louie make it for forty-six days, at which point they are captured by the Japanese. After being transferred to a different POW camp, they are transferred again, and this time they are separated. They don’t see other again until after the war.

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