How is Kobe Bryant fearless?

Was Kobe Bryant fearless?

NBA legend Kobe Bryant was known for being fearless on the court. … With confidence and fearlessness on and off the court, Bryant was revered for his talent as much as his stone-cold persona.

What does Kobe fear?

4: Fear Is a Great Motivator. Kobe has described himself as a “talented overachiever” and it is that fear of failure that fuels his internal fires. The fear propels him and, unlike many players, especially in the playoffs, Kobe embraces that fear and uses it to achieve excellence.

What is Kobe Bryant character traits?

Like other Initiator personality types, Kobe was fiercely persistent and determined. In basketball, even though he had plenty of natural talent, he dedicated himself to growth, which eventually helped him become one of the most successful, well-known athletes in the world.

How does Kobe define Mamba mentality?

The Black Mamba—Kobe Bryant—introduces the five key emotions of Mamba Mentality: Honesty, Detachment, Optimism, Passion and Fearlessness. The Mamba Mentality is a mindset for constant self-improvement in the pursuit of your highest potential in life.

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Is Kobe afraid of bees?

After willing the Lakers to a 118-116 win over the Raptors, Kobe shared his greatest fear with reporters (something he originally admitted to USA TODAY Sports in January). Kobe’s fear of bees is pretty rational, especially compared to Zach Randolph’s fear of cats, or Eric Berry’s fear of horses.

What does Kobe Bryant say is the fear we face the most?

“The greatest fear that we face is ourselves.” During a TEDxShanghai talk, Bryant acknowledged that it’s scary to accept a dream and go for it. But, he said fearlessness means going for your dreams for yourself.

What is LeBron worst fear?

“That’s one of my biggest obstacles,” he said in an interview with Chris Broussard for ESPN The Magazine. “I’m afraid of failure. I want to succeed so bad that I become afraid of failing.”

What NBA players are scared of?

Let’s take a look at some NBA players’ biggest fears!

  • LeBron James Is Afraid of Failure. …
  • Michael Jordan Has a Phobia of Water. …
  • Kobe Bryant Is Afraid of DOG POOP. …
  • Tim Duncan Is Afraid of Sharks. …
  • Damian Lillard Is Afraid of STATUES. …
  • Kevin Durant Is Afraid of Taking Basketball for Granted.

What was Michael Jordan’s weakness?

He said, “Michael’s weakness is his shot. You just keep him around the perimeter and when he palms the ball, brings it around; don’t fall for that.” He continued on by saying, “Just wait for the rebound, throw up some kind of lucky shot, and win.”

What is Kobe’s weakness?

Kobe’s poor shot selection was one weakness. He was a master at making impossible shots but they were shots he probably never should have taken. If he could have used more self control his shooting percentage would be a few points higher.

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What makes Kobe a good leader?

The thoughts of Kobe Bryant on leadership include: Single-minded focus on winning. Incredible attention to detail. Unwavering dedication to preparation.

What skills did Kobe Bryant have?

His skills, his determination, dribbling skills, pump-fakes, passing, ability to deliver in clutch, and, in general, his all around game are second to none.

Why Kobe Bryant called Black Mamba?

Bryant reportedly nicknamed himself the “Black Mamba,” inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 film, Kill Bill, in which the mamba snake was code for a deadly assassin. … “Forget about basketball, Kobe Bryant, the man, was so unbelievably impressive.”

What did Kobe Bryant accomplish in his life?

Widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Bryant won five NBA championships, was an 18-time All-Star, a 15-time member of the All-NBA Team, a 12-time member of the All-Defensive Team, the 2008 NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP), and a two-time NBA Finals MVP.

What is mamba code?

Mamba is a high-level rapid application development framework (RAD) developed using the Python language and licensed under the terms of the GPL v3 from the Free Software Foundation.