How many days should I spend in Tokyo?

Generally speaking, two weeks is usually the recommended days that foreigners usually spend in Japan if their only goal is just for sightseeing and traveling purposes. From that two weeks, visitors usually spend around 3 to 5 days in Tokyo and spend the rest in other destinations.

Is 5 days enough for Tokyo?

How many days in Tokyo is enough? … For example, although 3 days in Tokyo may be plenty for travelers who plan to spend just two weeks in Japan, those with three weeks or even one month in Japan might consider spending 5-7 nights in Tokyo.

Is 7 days too long in Tokyo?

How long to spend in Tokyo. Depending on how long you have to spend in Japan, we recommend allowing at least 5 nights in Tokyo. We’ve included a detailed itinerary for 7 days of sightseeing – just pick and choose days based on your interests and length of visit.

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Is 1 week enough for Tokyo?

Re: Tokyo 1 week enough? For the general visitor, one week is enough. However, everyone travels and sees things at a different pace so it’s up to your travel style. Typically, to go through the various sights of Tokyo and enjoy the atmosphere the city has to offer, allow 3 to 4 days.

Is 2 weeks in Tokyo too long?

7 days are just a limit as to when most JR passes expire. You can easily spend 2 weeks just digging out anime. If you make it for the festival in Tokyo Dome, you can easily spend 2 days there alone.

Is 4 days enough for Tokyo?

Four days in Tokyo gives you enough time to see the city and make one day trip out of the city. My four-day Tokyo itinerary is the best way to make use of four days in this incredible city.

Is 6 days enough in Tokyo?

With its vibrant and bustling city streets, tranquil green parks, stunning vistas and remarkable history, spending 6 days in Tokyo should be at the top of your itinerary for a visit to Japan. … I’ve also shared my advice for planning a trip to Japan to get your Tokyo itinerary off to a good start!

Is 10 days long enough in Japan?

Ten days is enough for a first timer, but you could easily stretch this itinerary to two weeks in Japan if you have a few extra days, or skip one or two places if you only have a week there. Mad, mind-boggling, and futuristic are all words that come to mind when I think of our 10-day trip to Japan.

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Is 1 week enough in Japan?

To be completely honest, one week in Japan is such a short amount of time to visit this incredibly diverse and interesting country. … A week is short, yes, but it’s enough time to give you a taste of the culture, the food, the modern cities and the iconic landscapes that will make you fall in love.

How many days in Japan is enough?

If your only goal is sightseeing, we’d recommend opting for a Japan itinerary of around seven days, at least. The best kind of Japan trip shouldn’t rush you from one place to the next but should offer an in-depth guide to every place you visit. With seven days as your minimum holiday duration, what’s the maximum?

How do Japanese do in 7 days?

A 7-Day Japan Itinerary

  1. Day One: Shopping and Sushi in Tokyo.
  2. Day Two: Tokyo’s Cultural Treasures.
  3. Day Three: Hot Springs and Mount Fuji Views in Hakone.
  4. Day Four: Hakone to Kyoto.
  5. Day Five: Temple Spotting in Kyoto.
  6. Day Six: Kyoto’s Ancient and Natural Highlights.
  7. Day Seven: Shrines and Waterfront Strolls in Kyoto.

Is 7 days in Japan enough?

Although 7 days in Japan isn’t enough to see more than a handful of Japan’s best bits, it’s more than enough time to get a taste for Japanese culture and all of its quirks. You’ll also probably be able to fit in more than you think because Japan is one of the easiest countries to travel around.

What can you do in Tokyo for a week?

Table of Contents

  1. Morning Sumo Wrestling (Asakusa)
  2. Senso-Ji.
  3. Asakusa.
  4. Lunch in Asakusa.
  5. Ueno Park. Tokyo National Museum. Tokyo Science Museum. Metropolitan Art Museum. Ueno Zoo. Shitamachi Museum.
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How much money do I need for 2 weeks in Japan?

Japan budget for 2 weeks

Estimated cost
Airfare $800
JR Rail Pass $435
Accommodations $1,750 ($125 per day)
Local transportation $140

How long does it take to drive from one end of Japan to the other?

If you take the small roads where you might actually get an adventure, a four hour drive becomes eight hours – and that is without stopping for interesting things. To really travel across Japan and take in what needs to be taken in, and not just be driving 10 hours / day, I would guess six months at minimum.

What should I do with 3 weeks in Japan?

What to see and do for 3 Weeks in Japan

  • Eat Sushi in Tokyo. …
  • Be Dazzled By the Neon Lights of Tokyo. …
  • Hang out with the Cool Kids in Harajuku. …
  • Immerse yourself in history at Tokyo’s many museums. …
  • Take part in the rituals of a Japanese shrine. …
  • Escape from Reality by watching Kabuki. …
  • Slurp on some Japanese noodles.