How many horsepower is a Kawasaki Mule pro Fxt?

How much horsepower does a Kawasaki Mule pro Fxt?

2019 Kawasaki Mule PRO-FXT EPS Specifications

Engine Stroke 4-Stroke
Horsepower (bhp/kW) 48 / 35
Horsepower RPM 5500
Torque (Ft Lbs/Nm) 48 / 65

How fast is MULE PRO FXT?

The Mule Pro FXT has a top speed of 46 MPH, 6 passenger seating, smooth riding, independent suspension and so much more! We made this one even better is a lift, wheel and tire upgrade, roof and windshield, stereo, and front and rear bumper all for only $18,599!

What size motor is in the Kawasaki MULE PRO FXT?


Engine 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, DOHC, liquid-cooled, gas
Displacement 812cc
Bore x Stroke 2.83×2.62 in
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Maximum Torque 48.0 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm

How many horsepower is Kawasaki mule?

Lets take a look at what it offers: Supplying power to the ground is a 401cc air-cooled single churning out a mind-bending 13.5-horsepower.

How do I make my mule pro Fxt faster?

An easy way to increase the top speed of your Kawasaki Mule is to make sure that the tires are fully inflated — the flatter your tires are, the slower you’ll go. Disabling the governor is another action you can take to reach faster speeds.

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How much does a mule pro Fxt weight?

Dimensions. Curb Weight: 1962.5 lb. 92.3 in.

Does mule pro Fxt have dump bed?

As for work, the Mule PRO-FXT can haul 1,000-pounds in the bed and is rated to tow 2,000 pounds on the rear hitch. The bed is a dump-model with optional hydraulic system to make it easy to dump and spread mulch, sand, gravel or other materials.

Are Kawasaki Mules reliable?

Kawasaki Mules are robust, durable, and possess high reliability in terms of performance. Despite the Mules being used for both work and play, they don’t fascinate in play as much as they do when getting the job done. Its reliability is also evident in its outstanding performance, even with a six-passenger capacity.

Is the Kawasaki Mule good for trail riding?

It can get down a trail quick, too, and take you somewhere fun. It’s no slouch on logging roads or maintained trails at your favorite ride park. Of course, high-speed riding and big bumps are out of the question, and any kind of major rock crawling is out, too. This Mule has 4WD but no locking front differential.

How fast does a 2022 Kawasaki Mule go?

Powertrain: Engine, Transmission, and Performance

It allows the Mule to hit a top speed just shy of 50 mph, which is plenty fast for a vehicle designed to haul you and your gear around in style.

How much is a 2020 Kawasaki Mule pro Fxt?

2020 Kawasaki Mule PRO-FXT EPS • $14,899

MULE PRO-FXT™ side x sides are full-size, high-capacity vehicles featuring a 3- to 6-passenger Trans Cab™ system.

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How wide is Kawasaki MULE PRO FXT?


Overall Length 133.3 in
Overall Width 64.0 in
Overall Height 79.5 in
Curb Weight 1922.8 lb*
Wheelbase 92.3 in

What engine is in a Kawasaki Mule?

Powered Up. The Mule Pro-MX runs a single-cylinder, four-valve SOHC 695-cc liquid-cooled motor that produces 42.7 foot-pounds of torque at 5,000 rpm. The MX motor is fed through digital fuel injection and runs out through a CVT transmission with a centrifugal clutch.

How many horsepower is 401cc?

Utility Vehicle, Gas, 13.5 HP, 401cc.