How many KitKat flavors are sold in Japan?

There have been more than 300 limited-edition seasonal and regional flavors of Kit Kat chocolate bars produced in Japan since 2000, many exclusive to the country and not produced elsewhere.

How many Kit Kat Flavours are sold in Japan?

Japan is home to over 300 unique flavors of Kit Kats created exclusively for certain cities, regions, and seasons.

What are all of the Kit Kat flavors in Japan?

Japanese Kit Kat Flavours

  • Plain milk chocolate.
  • Strawberry.
  • Sake.
  • Wasabi.
  • Matcha green tea.
  • Tokyo Banana.
  • ‘Sweetness for adults’ (dark chocolate)

How many Kit Kat flavors are there in Japan in 2019?

There Are More Than 200 Different Flavors Of Kit Kat In Japan. Here’s Why.

How many Kit Kat flavors are there?

In total, Nestlé has calculated that there are over 1,500 possible different combinations flavours for customers to choose from.

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Why does Japan have so many Kit Kat flavors?

Kit Kats were introduced to Japan in 1973 when British confectioner Rowntree’s made an agreement with Japanese confectioner and restaurant owner Fujiya. … The business model was created to solve a problem the company found in Japanese convenience stores, which frequently rotated items and flavors off of shelves.

What flavor is the green Japanese Kit Kat?

Japanese Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea Flavor chocolate, kitkat candy snack Japan Exclusive Pack of 2.

Does sake Kit Kat have alcohol?

This and the following sake Kit Kats all contain alcohol. The original sake flavor contains 0.4% alcohol per bar.

What flavor is the pink Japanese Kit Kat?

Product Details. Sakura mochi is a classic Japanese sweet eaten during the cherry blossom season. Nestle Japan perfectly captures the traditional flavor in its iconic Kit Kat candy bar. The delicately flavored pink white chocolate is gently floral, while an earthy sweetness comes from the azuki bean powder blended in.

How much is Kit Kat in Japan?

Made with a dark chocolate coating, these Kit Kats have a bright mint green cream filling between the wafers and taste quite refreshing for a chocolate bar. A large bag of eleven bars is around 400 yen, and smaller boxes range from 200-300 yen.

How many Kit Kats are sold each year?

After all, approximately 192 million Kit Kat bars are sold in the United States alone every year, according to the Symphony IRI Group.

What does Kit Kat mean in Japanese?

“Kit Kat” approximates to “kitto katsu” – a Japanese expression meaning good luck. (Literally: “surely win.”) The candy has become hugely popular as a gift, especially for schoolchildren, and candy-maker Nestle has capitalized on the craze by making dozens of unique Kit Kat flavors.

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Why is Kit Kat so expensive?

Kitkat in western countries is much more costly because of the ingredients and the other costs. For example Indian variant of the chocolate contain cocoa powder, whereas the western one contains cocoa butter. Cocoa butter brings a rich chocolaty taste and helps the chocolate melt at the body temperature.

What Flavour is Kit Kat gold?

Nestle has launched a limited edition flavour called KitKat GOLD, which contains the famous chocolate’s crisp wafer fingers covered in a new, creamy golden white, caramelised chocolate.

Is there KitKat in USA?

Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered wafer bar confection created by Rowntree’s of York, United Kingdom, and is now produced globally by Nestlé (which acquired Rowntree’s in 1988), except in the United States, where it is made under license by the H. B. Reese Candy Company, a division of the Hershey Company.

Is Nestle a Japanese company?

Nestlé S.A. (/ˈnɛsleɪ, -li, -əl/; French: [nɛsle]) is a Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate corporation headquartered in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland.