How much is a 2001 Kawasaki Jet Ski worth?

How much is a Kawasaki Jet Ski?


Manufacturer Jet Ski Model Price
Kawasaki Ultra 310X $15,299
Kawasaki Ultra 310X SE $15,799
Kawasaki Ultra 310R $16,299
Kawasaki Ultra 310LX $17,999

How much is a Kawasaki 1100 jet ski?

The nimble Kawasaki 1100 STX D.I. is a three-seater that delivers much of the performance of a two-seater. Since it was introduced three years ago, Kawasaki’s 1100 STX has been a pure workhorse.

Boat specifications.

Length: 122.6″
Jet pump: Axial flow single stage
Price: $8,499

How fast does a Kawasaki 1200 jet ski go?

Kawasaki Ultra 310LX Jet Ski top speed: 67 mph.

How much are jet ski motors?

According to SBT, the largest supplier of remanufactured watercraft engines in the world, these are some of the ranges you should see for a jet ski engine: Sea-Doo engine start at around $600 and go up to $3,000. Kawasaki engines start at around $600 and go up to $2,700.

What is the most expensive jet ski?

The model that takes the title of ‘most expensive’ jet ski is the Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO. It seats three people ‘comfortably’ and its V shaped hull is made out of a new ultra lightweight material called NanoXcel, nanoscale ‘slices’ of clay layered into fibreglass resin, making it 25kg lighter than the previous model.

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How fast can a Kawasaki jet ski go?

Depending on the model, Kawasaki Jet Ski top speed numbers vary from 54 – 67 mph. The slowest Jet Ski is the Ultra LX Jet Ski with a top speed of 54 mph.

How much is a 2000 Kawasaki Jet Ski worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $8,499 $3,140
Options (Add)
Total Price $8,499 $3,140
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Can a jet ski go 100 mph?

The most recent record was established the weekend of November 3-4, when Joseph Mastrapa, from Palmetto Bay, Florida, posted a 101.7 mph peak speed. IS THE PWC THE WORLD’S MOST VERSATILE BOAT? Trust me, that’s fast… crazy fast.

What is the most reliable jet ski?

The most reliable Jet Ski on the market is the WaveRunner FX. The WaveRunner is a model that is created by Yamaha, and it is technically not a Jet Ski. These terms WaveRunner and Jet Ski are often used interchangeably, but only the Kawasaki brand makes the Jet Ski.

What is best jet ski to buy?

Check out our top 10 best Jet Skis :

  • Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310XL.
  • Sea Doo Spark Trixx.
  • Yamaha Superjet.
  • Sea Doo GTI SE.
  • Yamaha FX SVHO.
  • Sea Doo RXP-X.
  • Yamaha EXR.
  • Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R.

What is high mileage for a jet ski?

A low-hour Jet Ski is one that has been used for less than 50 hours, while 150 hours or more of usage is considered high. Generally speaking, 300 hours of use is an average lifespan of a Jet Ski. Note that usage alone does not tell the whole story about the state of a Jet Ski.

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How long do jet ski engines last?

As a rule of thumb, the 2-stroke jet ski engines last around 200-300 hours, while the 4-stroke jet ski engines last around 300-500 hours. But keep in mind that these numbers depend on factors like maintenance, usage, and many others!

Are jet skis expensive to own?

A jet ski typically costs about $500+ annually to own. This includes insurance, basic maintenance, and some gas. Depending on how much you ride, or if you financed your jet ski, this number can increase significantly to $1,500+.