How much is a 2008 Kawasaki Teryx worth?

Are Kawasaki Teryx any good?

The Kawasaki Teryx 4 has a powerful and reliable engine, as well as a selectable four-wheel drive. It’s V twin powerplant is a reliable source of torque, and the fuel injection of 783cc gives the machine enough to get odd jobs completed and also power off-road adventures.

How fast is a 2008 Kawasaki Teryx?

Top speed is 48mph. No fuel gauge on standard model. 2009 Teryx has a fuel gauge.

How much is a 2008 Kawasaki?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $7,349 $3,680
Options (Add)
Total Price $7,349 $3,680
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How wide is a 2008 Kawasaki Teryx?

Overall width: 58.3 in. Overall height: 75.4 in. Wheelbase: 75.8 in. Ground clearance: 11.2 in.

How fast will a Kawasaki Teryx go?

As a matter of fact, the Teryx is governed at around 50 MPH from the factory. So if you want to go any faster than that, the first thing you’ll need to do is eliminate said speed governor.

Is the Kawasaki Teryx loud?

The complaint is that the Kawasaki Teryx cab is very noisy.

This might be because other competitors in the UTV market have much quieter models than the Teryx. The noise gets increasingly louder when the vehicle drives over 15MPH.

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How much can a Kawasaki Teryx tow?


Cargo Bed Load Capacity 249 lb
Load Capacity 1109 lb
Seating Capacity 4
Towing Capacity 1300 lb

How can I make my Teryx4 faster?

The easiest way to remove speed limits on the Kawasaki Teryx is to have an ECU reflash done. Alternatively, you can also realize slight speed gains with a plug-in ECU tuner / programmer. With nothing but an ECU reflash / tune, you can get an additional 10-12 MPH out of your Teryx.

How much horsepower does a Kawasaki Teryx 750 have?

The 2013 MY Kawasaki Teryx 750 FI 4×4 sports a liquid-cooled, 749cc, four-valve, injected L-twin that produces up to 56 horsepower and 57 Nm of torque. The mid-ship engine placement also provides the optimum front/rear balance.

How much is a 2008 kx85 worth?

The base price of the 2008 Kawasaki KX 85 Motorcycle is $2999.

How much is a 2008 zx6r?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $9,399 $5,805
Options (Add)
Total Price $9,399 $5,805
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How much oil does a Kawasaki Teryx hold?

A Teryx requires 4 quarts of oil.

How wide is a Kawasaki Teryx?


Frame Steel Tube Double-X Reinforcement
Overall Length 125.4 in
Overall Width 60.0 in
Overall Height 77.8 in
Curb Weight 1605.2 lb*