How much is Kobe Bryant car Worth?

As per a TMZ report, Bryant’s Chevy Impala will sell for $250,000. The car is probably one of Bryant’s most well-known ones – gifted to him by Vanessa Bryant. In 2006, Vanessa took the car to West Coast Customs, getting it customised for the Black Mamba as a Christmas gift.

How much is Kobe car worth?

A 1963 Chevy Impala once owned by Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant sold for $221,400 through Goldin Auctions on Monday. The initial bidding started at $100,000, and nine bids brought the car to its final price tag.

How much did Kobe Bryant Impala sell for?

Kobe Bryant’s old 1963 Chevy Impala, which was a Christmas gift from his wife Vanessa and once featured on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” was sold for a hefty price tag at an auction on Monday. The car, which was initially listed at $100,000 at Goldin Auctions, was sold for $221,400 on Monday.

What car does Kobe own?

On this day a year ago, retired NBA superstar Kobe Bryant tragically died in a helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna and seven other people. The Los Angeles Lakers legend had a number of passions beyond basketball including cars. His custom-built 1963 Chevrolet Impala lowrider particularly stood out.

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How much is Kobe Bryant’s trust worth?

Kobe’s Daughter left out of the $600 million dollar estate

Soon after very little was known as to Kobe’s estate planning strategies used to protect and preserve his estimated $600 million dollar estate for his wife, Vanessa, and the three surviving daughters.

What car did Kobe buy Vanessa?

Bryant purchased a new Tesla, which she gifted to Washington on Thursday. Both Bryant and Washington shared pictures and video of the moment on Instagram. The first post from Bryant contains a picture of the two hugging in front of the new Tesla.

Did Vanessa Bryant sell Kobe’s cars?

In 2006, Vanessa took the car to West Coast Customs, getting it customised for the Black Mamba as a Christmas gift. The car’s engine was rebuilt, hydraulics were added and a paint job was done. The sound system was also modified. … Per reports, Bryant sold the car in 2013, which was later auctioned off in 2014.

Did Kobe Bryant have a lowrider?

The custom lowrider was offered to Kobe as a Christmas gift in 2006, and it remained in his possession until 2013. It was sold to its current owner at auction in 2014.

What did Kobe Bryant buy his wife?

Kobe Bryant to be the cover athlete of NBA 2K21 video game

This wasn’t the only romantic movie costume the late basketball legend bought for his wife of nearly 20 years. He also once surprised her with the blue dress worn by Rachel McAdams in “The Notebook” during her famous kiss in the rain with Ryan Gosling.

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Did Snoop Dogg give Kobe a car?

Long Beach native, Snoop Dogg, gave the five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant the keys to a custom Pontiac Parisienne convertible. Although Bryant didn’t really need any gifts, considering he was the 10th-highest-paid athlete in the world, Snoop showed his appreciation for his friend with this grand gesture.

Did Kobe Bryant have a Lamborghini?

He was also known as a generous person. His young wife Vanessa turned 19 in 2001 and Kobe wanted her to have something special for the occasion. Probably one of the most outrageous, ostentatious cars at that time (or any other time for that matter) was the Lamborghini Murciélago.

What is Shaq’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, O’Neal has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

How much money did Kobe leave his wife?

However, according to TMZ, Kobe’s value is actually closer to $150 million, leaving Vanessa with a still-substantial $75 million but a full $105 million less than Rovell’s predicted total.

What is Steph Curry’s net worth?

Stephen Curry’s total net worth is 160 million dollars, putting him amongst the richest of NBA players.