Is December 29 a holiday in Japan?

New Year’s Day marks the beginning of Japan’s most important holiday season, the New Year season (正月, Shōgatsu), which generally refers to the first one, three or seven days of the year. Although not prescribed by law, many workplaces are closed from December 29 to January 3.

Does Japan have a holiday in December?

Christmas is celebrated in Japan, but the traditions are far different than that of Western ones. … December 25th is recognized more as a couples day than a day for family. Couples can be seen out and about on romantic dates, or strolling around enjoying all of the winter illuminations.

Is December 31 a holiday in Japan?

New Year’s Eve (omisoka):

December 31 is not a national holiday.

What is celebrated in Japan in December?


  • Oshiroi Matsuri. 2 December. Fukuoka. …
  • Chichibu Yomatsuri. 2-3 December. …
  • Morotabune Shinji. 3 December. …
  • Takata no Inoko. 3 December. …
  • Hata Festival. 1 December. …
  • Akibasan Gongen Hibuse Matsuri. 6 December. …
  • Misogi Matsuri. 9 December. …
  • Sanpoji Daikon Festival. 9 & 10 December.
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What special day is today in Japan?


1st January New Year’s Day Marine Day
21st March (approx.) Vernal Equinox Day Autumn Equinox Day
29th April Showa Day Health and Sports Day
3rd May Constitution Day Culture Day
4th May Greenery Day Labor Thanksgiving Day

Is Christmas big in Japan?

Since Christmas isn’t a national holiday, big crowds and packed hotels are scarce. This is a fun time to travel to Japan to see the gorgeous “illuminations” and markets all over the country. Though Japan does not view Christmas as a religious holiday, it is still celebrated as a way to reunite families.

Is Halloween celebrated in Japan?

Halloween in Japan is mainly celebrated through street parties where people wear all kinds of stunning costumes and party into the early hours. Parades and costume contests are also among the favourite ways that Japanese people tend to celebrate Halloween.

Is December 23 a holiday in Japan?

December 23rd became a national holiday in 1989 when the current emperor, Heisei Emperor Akihito, ascended the throne. This holiday celebrates the birth of the emperor, a symbol of Japan. On this day, a series of events are held at the Imperial Palace to celebrate.

Is Tokyo a city in Japan?

Tokyo, formerly (until 1868) Edo, city and capital of Tokyo to (metropolis) and of Japan. It is located at the head of Tokyo Bay on the Pacific coast of central Honshu. It is the focus of the vast metropolitan area often called Greater Tokyo, the largest urban and industrial agglomeration in Japan.

What is silver week in Japan?

Silver Week (シルバーウィーク, Shirubā Wīku) is a new Japanese term applied to a string of consecutive holidays in September. In 2009, the term gained popularity, referring to the unusual occurrence that year of a weekend followed by three Japanese public holidays in September.

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Does it snow in Japan?

While most of Japan’s major cities, including Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, receive only small amounts of snow, locations offering snow experiences are readily accessible from them. The snow season in Japan is long and in some places begins as early as November and lasts into May, with the peak being in February.

Why do Japanese celebrate Christmas with KFC?

But why? Turns out the entire thing can be traced back to one man: Takeshi Okawara, the enterprising manager of the first KFC in Japan, opened in Nagoya in November 1970. The company line is that Okawara had a dream about selling a party bucket full of chicken, and started a one-store campaign to boost sales.

How many national holidays does Japan have?

Japan currently has 16 public holidays each year.

Is Monday a public holiday in Japan?

Japan observes 16 national holidays throughout the year. On these days schools and public offices are closed, and many employers give workers the day off.

List of Holidays in Japan in 2021.

Day Monday
Date Jan 11
Holiday Name Coming-of-Age Day
Type National Holiday
Comments 2nd Monday of January

How old is Japan?

Japan has been inhabited since the Upper Paleolithic period (30,000 BC), though the first written mention of the archipelago appears in a Chinese chronicle (the Book of Han) finished in the 2nd century AD.

What religion are Japanese?

The Japanese religious tradition is made up of several major components, including Shinto, Japan’s earliest religion, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Christianity has been only a minor movement in Japan.

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