Is January a good time to visit Japan?

January. New Year is one of Japan’s three major travel seasons with intensive domestic and international travel activity. … The remainder of January is a good time for visiting Japan, as the weather is usually sunny and dry and sightseeing spots are not very crowded (except possibly around Chinese New Year).

How cold is Japan in January?

Winter Temperatures in Japan

By January, afternoon temperatures drop to 10ºC (50°F) and morning temperatures tend to hover between 2ºC~3ºC (35°F~37°F). In February, afternoon temperatures are about 10ºC~11ºC (42°F~50°F) while morning and evening temperatures fall to about 3ºC (37°F).

What is Japan like January?

Japan in January weather is quite cold and the temperatures drop to about 10 degrees Celsius in the afternoons. The night and early mornings tend to be about 1-2 degrees Celsius. Although most of the places around Japan tend to experience snowfall, Tokyo experiences very little snow and rainfall.

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When should you avoid Japan?

Busy Seasons — Japanese have a passion for travel, and they generally travel at the same time, resulting in jampacked trains and hotels. The worst times to travel are around New Year’s, from the end of December to January 4; Golden Week, from April 29 to May 5; and during the Obon Festival, about a week in mid-August.

Is it snowing in Japan in January?

When is the snow season in Japan? Japan’s snow season typically begins in mid- to-late December, just before Christmas, and continues through late March or early April. This will vary from resort to resort based on the actual snow conditions. The season peaks from mid-January to late February.

Is January a good time to go to Tokyo?

The best time to visit Tokyo is between March and April and September and November. … On the opposite extreme, winter weather is chilly but still manageable; however, you will not be able to experience the full potential of Tokyo’s parks at this time of year.

Does it rain in Tokyo in January?

The month with the highest number of rainy days is March (14.3 days). The month with the least rainy days is January (7.3 days).

Can you see Mt Fuji in January?

That’s why it is said that winter, including both December and January, is the best time of the year to see the mountain. Mount Fuji during winter is stunningly beautiful, coated in pure white snow, and visible even from far away thanks to the dry air.

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What season is January in Japan?

January is mid-winter in Japan, but because it’s such a long country with many climatic zones, mid-winter can mean everything from deep snow and sub-zero temperatures to pleasantly warm and sunny. It’s not peak tourism season, but there are still many things you can enjoy, both indoors and outdoors.

Does it snow in Tokyo January?

Yes, Tokyo usually has 9-10 snow days each year on average. … The snow usually falls from December to March but the two months with the most snow days are January and February.

What month is cherry blossom in Japan 2021?

In 2021, the forecast predicts peak blooms in different mainland Japanese cities between March 28 and May 18. The exact date of peak sakura blooming will depend heavily on their location.

What is the cheapest time to fly to Japan?

Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Japan is April.

Is Japan expensive to visit?

The truth is, Japan is probably not as expensive as you think! While it may be pricier than countries like China, Thailand, and Vietnam, to the surprise of many travelers, it’s generally less expensive than places such as Singapore, the U.K., Australia, and Scandinavia.

What should I pack for Japan in January?

Packing for Japan in… Winter

  • Down jacket or very warm jacket (check out this warm + budget-friendly option)
  • Jumper.
  • Long sleeve tops.
  • Jeans or long pants.
  • Woolen or thick socks (avoid cotton!)
  • Boots or waterproof shoes.
  • Sneakers (if you’re planning on staying in the city)
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Is January a good time to visit Okinawa?

January-March: balmy weather, early cherry blossoms, obon and whales. The winter season in Okinawa is one of the quieter times to visit, and tourists benefit from smaller crowds and lower prices.

Where is the best weather in January?

On average, some of the hottest places to visit in January are:

  • Singapore (30.5 °C)
  • Cancun (30.5 °C)
  • Manaus (30 °C)
  • Barbados (29.1 °C)
  • Rio de Janeiro (29 °C)
  • Sydney (27.4 °C)
  • Cape Town (27 °C)
  • Cape Verde (25.2 °C)