Is Kobe Bryant a top 5 player of all time?

Last season, on TNT, Barkley admitted that Kobe is a top 10 player of all time. Then, Barkley went even further when he declared that Kobe is a top five player of all time right now.

Is Kobe a top 5 player all time?

Kobe is considered top 5 by casual fans, because he was one of the most popular and exciting players ever. For fans who have more basketball knowledge, we know that Kobe is not top 5 all time.

Is Kobe Bryant considered the best basketball player?

Kobe Bryant has some amazing achievements in his career, including a legendary 81-point performance and countless game-winning baskets that provided iconic moments in NBA history. But perhaps the greatest achievement in Kobe’s careers are his 5 NBA titles.

What is Kobe Bryant rank in NBA history?

Kobe Bryant was ranked 14th in a list of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time. The list, published by Bleacher Report, ranked the five-time NBA champion behind Shaquille O’Neal (sixth), Tim Duncan (seventh), and Magic Johnson (fourth). Bryant is one of the NBA’s most decorated players.

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Is Harden better than Kobe?

Harden is better on defense than people realize. His career steal percentage is 125th all-time, way ahead of Kobe’s 186th place (though 2.27 over 2.07 isn’t a massive gap). And no defensive possession ends without a defensive rebound. Harden has averaged 4.5 over his career and 5.5 over the last five seasons.

Who was better all time Kobe or Shaq?

Kobe had the longevity and a better track record of being a dominant player, but Shaq’s impact in his prime can’t be denied. … He won three Finals MVPs in a row, no matter how good Kobe Bryant was in the Finals. Shaq had astronomical numbers and literally needed three defenders to slow him down.

Who is the second greatest basketball player of all time?

500 Players

Rank Player To
1 Michael Jordan 2003
2 Wilt Chamberlain 1973
3 Bill Russell 1969

What made Kobe so great?

Kobe attributes most of his success to his hard work ethic and his hustle and he is the definition of hard work pays off. Ever since he started playing basketball, he put in the work. … Throughout his entire life, Kobe put in the work that nobody else wanted to.

Who’s better Kobe or Tim Duncan?

Bryant beats Duncan in terms of scoring, assists, steals, three point percentage, and free throw percentage, but Duncan beats Kobe in rebounding, blocks, and field goal percentage. Yet, when putting everything together in terms of awards, championships, and winning teams, the winner in that category is Duncan.

Who is the best NBA player of all time 2021?

Top 10 Best NBA Players of All Time

  • Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan, probably the greatest power forward of all time, takes the number 10 spot on our list. …
  • Shaq O Neal. Only one thing describes Shaq O’ Neal that dominant. …
  • Lary Bird. …
  • Bill Russell. …
  • Wilt Chamberlain. …
  • Kobe Bryant. …
  • Magic Johnson. …
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
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Who is considered the best NBA player of all time?

Michael Jordan is widely known as the game’s greatest player—and for good reason. “MJ” accomplished everything possible in the game, piling up on the stats and awards. On the game’s biggest stage—the NBA Finals—Jordan went a perfect 6-for-6, also sweeping Finals MVP in his appearances.

Who was the worst player in the NBA?

Darius Garland was the NBA’s worst player.

Who does Shaq think is the goat?

Shaq says LeBron is the GOAT if he becomes No. 1 scorer in NBA history.

Who has the most 60 point games?

The late Wilt Chamberlain owns a majority of the 60-point games, having scored 60 or more 32 times in his career.

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Player Wilt Chamberlain
Years played 1959-74
No. of 60-point games 32
Career-high 100

Is Kobe better than Curry?

Among players his height or taller, Kobe is 17th all-time in career assist percentage. But he’s still comfortably behind Curry. In 2018-19, Curry averaged a career-low 5.2 assists. … Being the best shooter ever has made Curry one of the game’s best playmakers.