Is Osaka a good city to live in?

Is Osaka a good place to live for foreigners?

Arguably one of the famous locations in Kansai, Osaka is a favored tourist spot for locals and foreigners alike. However, it is also home to numerous residential areas good for living.

Is it better to live in Tokyo or Osaka?

When it comes to the lifestyle, Tokyo is more expensive and definitely goes at a faster pace than Osaka. People are often on the run and focused on their own business. … Because Tokyo is larger in size the city can often appear to have many small cities in one. Both cities are great places to live!

What is living in Osaka like?

Living in Osaka: Food, fun and history. … It’s often described as “gritty”, but Osaka is also a lot of fun and has arguably some of the best food in Japan. It’s so unique it even has its own dialect, Osaka-ben and with just a 1 hour train ride you can be in Kyoto, Kobe, or Nara.

Why is Osaka so good to live?

Osaka has long developed as a trade/business city, famous for its rich and abundant food culture, so rich and abundant that the phrase “eat till you bust” is often used by the people of Japan to describe it’s richness.

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Are people friendly in Osaka?

Osaka People Are So Friendly and Talkative

And indeed, many Japanese do prefer to keep to themselves, appearing rather quiet, and in some cases cold, to foreigners. … There are so many talkative and expressive people in Japan, especially in Osaka. Osaka people have a reputation for being “surprisingly” friendly!

Where do rich live in Osaka?

The city of Ashiya is considered one of the wealthiest areas in Japan. Ashiya, located midway between the Japanese cities of Kobe and Osaka, is known for its sweeping hillside vistas overlooking the Osaka Bay.

Is Osaka less crowded than Tokyo?

Tokyo Day Trips: 10 Spots to Explore Just 1 to 2 Hours Away from Tokyo! Osaka is slightly less touristy in some ways, and more catered towards those who want to explore. If it’s cultural history you’re interested in, you’ll find hundreds of sacred temples and shrines in Osaka, plus the ancient Osaka Castle.

Why is Osaka better than Tokyo?

While Both cities have many attractions such as shops, museums, parks and temples, Tokyo is much bigger and offers sufficient interest for a three- to five-day visit. Osaka is more famous for its vibrant culture and needs only two to three days for its sights.

How are Osaka people different?

People from Osaka are often said to be the “Americans of Japan.” This is due to having an image of friendliness, aggressiveness (compared to people in Tokyo), and not being shy. Many people from the Kansai area have their roots in the mercantile class from the Edo era. …

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Is Osaka a beautiful city?

Osaka is a charming, relaxed city best known for its food, fun and nightlife—with some history and culture peeking through. Osaka is only a short shinkansen ride from Tokyo, but has a very different personality to Japan’s capital city.

Is Osaka safe?

Osaka, as the majority of Japanese cities, is very safe and it is among the safest cities in the world. The overall crime risk is very low.

Is Osaka a cheap place to live?

At around 170,000 Yen per month according to our calculations, when it comes to the major urban areas, Osaka certainly ranks amongst the cheapest cities to live in Japan.