Is Pokemon easy to play in Japanese?

Is playing Pokemon a good way to learn Japanese?

So, how does Pokémon help you improve your Japanese? Well, as a complete beginner, Pokémon is a great way to get used to the basics of hiragana and katakana script. Pokémon is a great way to get used to the basics of hiragana and katakana script.

Can you play Pokemon in hiragana?

Most of the words and phrases used in the Japanese version will contain kanji and compounds that kids in middle school are expected to know. There’s also the option to play entirely in hiragana and katakana! Plus, you’ve been studying all of those kanji.

Is Pokemon written in hiragana?

For everyone who has ever played the game, you know that Pokemon has a story; it has a complex battle system; and the Pokedex gives descriptions of Pokemon. As you can see, the game’s story, character interactions, stats, etc. are all written in hiragana and katakana only.

Can you learn Japanese from video games?

It’s totally possible to level up your Japanese from video games! Learning Japanese from games will engage your mind in a whole new way. In a moment I’ll show you some of the best Japanese video games for language learners (these are some of my favorites!).

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What video games do Japanese play?


  • Monster Strike by XFLAG.
  • One Piece Treasure Cruise by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • Knives Out By NetEase.
  • Pokemon Go By Niantic, Inc.
  • Mafia City: War of the Underworld YOTTA GAMES LIMITED.
  • Pro Yakyu Spirits by Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

How can I learn Japanese games?

6 Absolute BEST Games to Help You Learn Japanese

  1. Tako. Tako is an app available on both Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as via its own website. …
  2. The Influent App. Influent is an application that actually helps to teach more than 15 different languages. …
  3. Katakana War. …
  4. Koe. …
  5. My Japanese Coach. …
  6. Slime Forest Adventure.

What does Pikachu mean in Japan?

According to series producer Satoshi Tajiri, the name is derived from a combination of two Japanese onomatopoeia: ピカピカ (pikapika), a sparkling sound, and チュウチュウ (chūchū), a sound a mouse makes. Despite its name’s origins, however, Nishida based Pikachu’s generation 1 design, especially its cheeks, on squirrels.

What is the Japanese name for Pokemon?

Name. The name Pokémon is a syllabic abbreviation of the Japanese brand Pocket Monsters.

Who animated Pokemon?

The series is produced by Oriental Light & Magic Inc. in Japan. It premiered on TV Tokyo in Japan on April 1, 1997, and it later was dubbed in English in the United States and international television by 4Kids Entertainment until Season 9, when the dub transferred to TPCi.

Is Pokemon a Japanese word?

Pokémon is short for “Pocket Monsters”, the original Japanese name. The franchise has its roots in a gaming magazine in the early 1980s in Japan—Game Freak, started by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori.

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Where is Pokemon in Japan?

It opened in 2018 in the Takashimaya Department Store in Nihonbashi, a fashionable neighborhood near Tokyo Station. The enormous Pokémon Center DX’s location is very convenient, with it being located just a short walk from Tokyo Station.

What is Pokemon in Chinese?

Since 2019, the official Chinese translation of both “Pocket Monsters” and “Pokémon” have been unified under the name 寶可夢/ 宝可梦, an approximate transcription of Pokémon. Previously, after the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon in 2016, the term “Pocket Monsters” was distinguished by translating it as 精靈寶可夢/ 精灵宝可梦, …

Do Japanese games use kanji?

Originally Answered: Why there was no Kanji in Japanese video games’ text? Because Kanji are not as well understood by young japanese population, so when a text is written in hiragana/katakana, you’re sure you’ll be understood by a majority of persons.

What language are Japanese games written in?

Japan adopted the Chinese writing system over 1000 years ago, and today that system is known as kanji. Kanji characters represent ideas rather than pronunciations. In fact, kanji characters can sometimes have a dozen or more possible pronunciations each.

What do you need to learn Japanese?

How to Teach Yourself Japanese in 8 Simple Steps

  1. Learn to Read Hiragana. …
  2. Become Familiar with Katakana. …
  3. Familiarize Yourself with Kanji. …
  4. Build a Core Vocabulary. …
  5. Learn Basic Japanese Pronunciation. …
  6. Get Familiar with Basic Particles. …
  7. Learn Japanese Sentence Structure. …
  8. Learn Basic Greetings and Expressions.