Is there an age limit for JET Program Japan?

2.12. Is there a minimum/maximum age requirement for applying to the JET Programme? No, as long as applicants meet all other eligibility criteria, there is no age requirement limit.

How do you qualify for the JET Program?


be both mentally and physically healthy. be willing and able to adapt to living and working in Japan, and be determined to responsibly complete their period of participation. hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, or obtain such qualifications by the designated arrival date. be a Filipino citizen.

What is the acceptance rate for jet?

Acceptance Rate

That is roughly 1 out of 7 applicants.

How competitive is the JET Program?

The JET Program application is a competitive process. Several thousand applications are received each year, about half of all applications will be invited to interview, and then only the top candidates are selected for participation. General statistics about JETs currently in Japan can be found here.

Can couples do the JET Program?

In general, the spouses, children, and other family members with a legal relationship to the JET Programme participant can apply for a Dependent visa.

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Is there an age limit for jet?

There is no age limit to apply to participate on the JET Program. However, you should understand that the JET Program was conceived as a youth to youth exchange program. … Applicants to the JET Program in the U.S. must: Be a U.S. citizen.

Can you apply for jet while in Japan?

Yes, you can apply from Japan. However, you must apply through the Embassy or Consulate (General) of Japan in the country in which you have citizenship, provided that country is one of the countries which participate in the JET Programme.

How difficult is Jet?

It is relatively easy to fly a jet. However it can be difficult to fly it very well and safely all the time. Making the jet to do as it was designed to do and as you want it to do takes considerable training and practice. Nevertheless, once well-learned they are easy to fly and extremely enjoyable too!

Is the JET Program good?

If this sounds like you, the JET Program is by far the best and easiest way to get to Japan. … The reason why JET is so great is that they help you with everything you need to move to Japan. They take care of your transportation, do most of the hard paperwork, and most importantly, they give you a visa.

How long is the JET Program?

The 2022 JET contract is for roughly 12 months and commences on the day after the designated arrival date. For this year’s departure/arrival dates, please see the Application Timeline. The contracting organization may reappoint the JET participant for an additional one-year contract, with a maximum of five years total.

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How much is the salary for jet program?

Salary. JET Programme participants receive approximately 3.36 million yen (approximately Php1. 6 million) in their first year of appointment, approximately 3.6 million yen (approximately Php1. 7 million) in their second year of appointment, approximately 3.9 million yen (approximately Php1.

Does Jet provide housing?

HOUSING. In principle, the contracting organization assists the JET Program participant in making arrangements for housing. … JET Program participants are paid a salary and must pay any costs of living, including rent, out of this salary.

Can I stay in Japan after JET Program?

Yes. It is the participant’s responsibility to pursue continued employment if they wish to remain in Japan after completing their tenure with the JET Program. … To receive proof of JET Program employment, visit the Japan Local Government Center website’s page on JET Certificate of Participation.

Can I bring my family to Japan?

If you want to bring your parents from your home country to Japan to live with you, you need to apply for a Specific Activities visa. A first step is to call your parents to Japan with a Temporary visa. You will then need to apply for a Change of Status of Residence.

How many jet applicants are accepted?

The JET Program typically receives 4,000-5,000 applications each year from U.S. applicants. Of these, 1,000-1,100 will be selected for participation on the JET Program.