What ADHD meds are allowed in Japan?

Currently, the only drug used to treat ADHD that is legal in Japan is Concerta. While Ritalin is available in Japan to treat sleep disorders, it is not prescribed to ADHD patients.

Can I bring my ADHD medication to Japan?

Japan’s rules for medications, such as those related to ADHD or pain management, are unique, and they required a unique tipsheet. A Yakkan Shoumei is a certificate authorizing permission for you to bring medication into the country.

Can I bring Adderall into Japan?

Opium, cannabis and stimulant drugs (Amphetamines, methamphetamines), including certain medicines for the treatment of ADD/ADHD (such as Adderall, Vyvanse and Dexedrine) are strictly prohibited and illegal to bring into Japan.

What prescription drugs are illegal in Japan?

Heroin, cocaine, MDMA, opium, cannabis (marijuana), stimulant drugs including some prescription medications such as Adderall are prohibited in Japan. There are no exceptions in bringing these prohibited medications into Japan, even if the medication is legally obtained outside of Japan.

Is it illegal to take Ritalin in Japan?

Stimulant Medicines

It is illegal to bring any medicine under this category. If you do, you will be arrested. … Ritalin and Concerta contain Methylphenidate which means they are classified as Psychotropic medicines. If you intend to bring more than 2.16g, you will need to apply for a Yakkan Shoumei.

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Is Prozac illegal in Japan?

Some popular medications legal in the U.S., such as Prozac and Viagra, are sold illegally in Japan on the black market. You are subject to arrest and imprisonment if you purchase such drugs illegally while in Japan.

Is Lexapro legal in Japan?

It means that Lexapro will be protected from competition until April 2021, a decade after it was approved for use in the Asian country. In November 2015, the treatment received the approval of an additional indication, social anxiety disorder, from the Japanese regulator.

Is Seroquel legal in Japan?

AstraZeneca has received approval from the Japanese Ministry of Healthfor Seroquel (quetiapine) for the treatment of schizophrenia. The product becomes the second atypical antipsychotic to be made available in Japan, after Janssen’s Risperdal (risperidone).

Is Vyvanse available in Japan?

Adderall contains amphetamine, which is a strictly controlled substance in Japan. You cannot bring this medication with you when you come to Japan either. Vyvanse is not available either but can bring in or import with an import permit. You can bring in/import with an import permit.

Is Zoloft allowed in Japan?

The law is such that you can bring a month’s worth of prescription medication and 2 month’s worth of over the counter medication without filling out any paperwork. Exceptions are narcotics, psychotropics, certain pain killers… Zoloft is not in that category.

Is there ADHD in Japan?

The prevalence of adult ADHD is estimated as 1.65% in Japan [3] and 1.2 to 3.2% [2, 4] worldwide. Thus, a substantial number of adults have ADHD symptoms.

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Is Concerta for ADHD?

Concerta is a widely used ADHD medication. Concerta is a stimulant medication. It’s an extended-release version of the same medication as Ritalin.

Can I take dexamphetamine to Japan?

Typically, these ingredients are only in meds that are prescribed by a doctor or would need a special identity check with a pharmacist. According to the embassy, if you bring any of the following medicines into Japan you will be arrested: Dexamphetamine (used for ADHD, Narcolepsy, etc.)

Is lamotrigine legal in Japan?

Lamotrigine is the first treatment in Japan to be classified for bipolar disorder. It is currently licensed in Japan as an adjunctive therapy for epileptic seizures in patients inadequately controlled by other antiepileptic drugs.

Is Benadryl illegal in Japan?

Diphenhydramine is a legal drug in Japan sold over the counter, however in Japan it is sold as a sleep aid rather than as an active allergy fighter.