What are bound items Japanese?

satsu 冊 — Bound objects: books, magazines, etc. dai 台 — Vehicles, machines etc.

How do you count books in Japanese?

Although 本 also means “book”, the counter for books is satsu. frequently used word Implies that the item is small and/or round. 個 is also used for military units. frequently used word General-purpose counter, used as part of the indigenous Japanese numbers 一つ (“one thing”), 二つ (“two things”), 三つ (“three things”), etc.

How to count objects in Japanese?

When you don’t know which counter is correct, use the standard Japanese counting system from one to nine, which ends in a “つ”: 一つ (ひとつ, one), 二つ (ふたつ, two), 三つ (みっつ, three), 四つ (よっつ, four), 五つ (いつつ, five), 六つ (むっつ, six), 七つ (ななつ, seven), 八つ (やっつ, eight) and 九つ (ここのつ, nine).

How do you count mugs in Japanese?

You can use the Japanese counter 杯 (はい – hai) to count liquid in cups, glasses, and bowls. For example,2 glasses of water would be水2杯 (mizu nihai).

How do you count frequency in Japanese?

The Japanese counter 回 (かい/kai) counts frequency—i.e., the number of times something happens. For example, if someone were to ask you, “How many times have you been to Japan?”, you could answer,「50回」—fifty times.

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What does Nihiki mean in Japanese?

The Japanese word for two (small animals) is 二匹 (にひき – nihiki).

How many counters are there in Japanese?

around 500 counters exist, though not all of them are in common (or even uncommon) use. As this is a reference guide, we highly recommend you CTRL/CMD+F to find the counter you’re looking for. If we have an individual (and more thorough) separate article for the counter, there will be a link to take you there.

What are the 7 Japanese counters?

It uses wago all the way through “ten things.” They are 1つ (ひとつ), 2つ (ふたつ), 3つ (みっつ), 4つ (よっつ), 5つ (いつつ), 6つ (むっつ), 7つ (ななつ), 8つ (やっつ), 9つ (ここのつ), 10 (とお). We’re not going to spend time here talking about this counter.

What are the numbers 1 to 10 in Japanese?

Basic Japanese counting: 1 to 10 in Japanese

Nr. Sino-Japanese reading Kanji
8 はち (hachi) 八つ
9 く、きゅう (ku, kyuu) 九つ
10 じゅう (juu)
れい、ゼロ、マル (rei, zero, maru)

What is Keitai in Japanese?

In Japanese, mobile phones are called keitai denwa (携帯電話), literally “portable telephones,” and are often known simply as keitai.

What is Juu in Japanese?

First number + じゅう (juu) + second number

And there you have it!

How do you count sushi in Japanese?

Also, go easy on the soy sauce and the ginger. Japanese people tend not to drown each piece of sushi in soy sauce.

Vocabulary from the Podcast.

Japanese Pronunciation English
Kan Counter for sushi
一貫 Ikkan 1 piece of sushi
二貫 Nikan 2 pieces
三貫 Sankan 3 pieces
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Why does Japanese have counters?

The word 猫・ねこ in Japanese could mean the following things in English. The cat, a cat, the cats, some cats, or cats in general. And so counters are used to say how many while clearing up ambiguity.

How do you count floors in Japanese?

You can use the Japanese counter 階 (かい – kai) to count the floors of a building (1st floor, 2nd floor, etc.) Number 1: The Japanese word for the first floor is 1階 (いっかい – ikkai).