What did Kobe Bryant like to do?

3) Almost a Soccer Star. Kobe Bryant actually grew up in Italy. … He spent eight long years his childhood, and even some of his high school years, there where he grew a fondness for soccer. He played in the little leagues and, to no surprise of his parents, was actually an amazing soccer player.

What were Kobe Bryant’s hobbies?

Kobe Bryant was an amazing basketball player, but he also had interests in other areas. One hobby he dipped his feet into was hip hop. His most well known song is called Hold Me, and he was featured on it with Brian Mcknight. Bryant also made an appearance in the Destiny’s Child Bug-A-Boo music video.

What was Kobe Bryant’s favorite things?

In an interview, Kobe Bryant said his favorite dish of all time was frog legs dipped in honey garlic sauce. He stated that this delicacy was sensational, and he looked forward to every mealtime involving these delicious little snacks.

What was Kobe’s favorite sport?

Bryant lived and breathed basketball, but when asked by FIFA about his fandom, Bryant responded, “[Soccer] is actually my favorite sport.” Bryant’s deep love for soccer goes back to his childhood.

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What was Kobe Bryant’s favorite dessert?

The Italian feelings of the ball god can not be underestimated. Since strictly controlling his diet in 2012, Bryant has given up his favorite sugar cookies, sour patch kids, and started eating instead.

What did Kobe Bryant like to eat?

Bryant’s wife Vanessa reportedly introduced him to her childhood favorite restaurant, El Camino Real, when the pair were first dating. Bryant’s favorite dishes were said to be the carne asada tostada, carnitas, and flan, complete with a cantaloupe agua fresca.

What soccer team did Kobe like?

Late LA Lakers guard Kobe Bryant declared his support for Barcelona, but has also hinted at a penchant for fellow International Champions Cup side, AC Milan.

Did Kobe own a soccer team?

I loved the idea of how quickly the ball moves and how quickly you have to process what’s moving right in front of you to make decisions.” By the time Bryant and his family left Italy and returned to the U.S. in 1991, he had adopted AC Milan as his team.

What is Kobe’s favorite soccer team?

Kobe Bryant’s favorite soccer club, AC Milan, honors NBA legend following his death.

What is Kobe’s favorite color?

His favorite color was green.

What is Lebron James Favorite food?

According to James’ personal chef, Glenn Lyman, who cooked for James for half a decade, the player’s favorite meal to eat before a game is chicken and shrimp pasta (via Charlotte Magazine). Lyman also dished that James “doesn’t eat a lot of red meat or pork.”

Where is Kobe Bryant from?

Kobe Bryant was born on Aug. 23, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Joe and Pamela Bryant. He was the youngest of three siblings and the only son born to his parents.

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