What did Kobe like doing?

3) Almost a Soccer Star. Kobe Bryant actually grew up in Italy. … He spent eight long years his childhood, and even some of his high school years, there where he grew a fondness for soccer. He played in the little leagues and, to no surprise of his parents, was actually an amazing soccer player.

What did Kobe Bryant love to do?

Kobe loved basketball. He loved the game before him. He loved the game he existed in. And he loved the game that he helped lay the foundation down for in the future.

What was Kobe Bryant’s favorite things?

In an interview, Kobe Bryant said his favorite dish of all time was frog legs dipped in honey garlic sauce. He stated that this delicacy was sensational, and he looked forward to every mealtime involving these delicious little snacks.

What did Kobe do everyday?

If you said, ‘That’s it,’ then that’s it. With Kobe, to him, ‘That’s it’ means that’s it for that moment, but three hours later, I can start back up again.” … “What I’ve done really is just train really hard and watch my diet,” Kobe told ESPN. “I think that’s the thing that catches guys most.

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Did Kobe Bryant have a will?

Poor estate planning is fairly common for black people. … In many cases, the lack of having a will and testament in place can create family battles, like over the estates of Prince and Aretha. Hopefully, Bryant was prepared and had a will in place to make sure he controlled his finances in death, as he did in life.

What food does Kobe Bryant like?

As the “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant calls it quits, once and for all, we want to remember the food that fueled the greatest basketball player in the world. Apparently, Kobe’s favorite dish of all time is frog legs dipped in honey garlic sauce.

What time Kobe wake up?

Kobe Bryant’s Daily Routine (post retirement):

5 am – Wake up, go to the gym. 7:30 AM – Take the kids to school.

How much sleep does Kobe Bryant get?

Bryant admitted to only getting three to four hours of sleep every night. By 4:30 a.m., the alarm was off and it was time for basketball. At first, Kobe brushed off any notions he wasn’t getting enough shut-eye. “I don’t need too many hours of sleep, man,” Bryant told Stephen A.

How much did Kobe train a day?

Named so because Bryant trains for 6 days a week, 6 hours a day and 6 months in a year. The 6 hours of training are divided into 2 hours of track work, 2 hours of basketball skills and 2 hours of weight lifting (which includes one hour of cardio).

How Much Is Kobe worth after death?

According to Forbes’ 2020 Dead Celebrity ranking, Kobe Bryant earned $20 million after his death, most of which came from Nike products which rake in an estimated $250million annually.

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How much did Kobe leave his kids?

Kobe’s Daughter left out of the $600 million dollar estate

Yes, you read that right Kobe Bryant’s 7-month old daughter, Capri, was left out of his estimated $600 million dollar estate. In January, the tragic deaths of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, caught us all by surprise.

How much money did Kobe leave his wife?

However, according to TMZ, Kobe’s value is actually closer to $150 million, leaving Vanessa with a still-substantial $75 million but a full $105 million less than Rovell’s predicted total.