What does kirari mean in Japanese?

What is the meaning of kirari in Japanese?

with a momentary flash of light.

Is kirari Japanese?

Kirari Toyomoto (豊元 希良梨, Toyomoto Kirari, born October 23, 1980) is a Japanese actress, singer, and songwriter.

Kirari (singer)

Kirari 希良梨
Born October 23, 1980 Okinawa, Japan
Genres J-pop
Occupation(s) Dancer Singer Actress
Instruments Vocals

What does the name Akari mean?

Akari is a girl’s name. With these kanji, its meaning is “red plum.” There are other ways to write it, and it could even be spelled phonetically with hiragana or katakana.

What does Ren mean in Japanese?

From Japanese 蓮 (ren) meaning “lotus”, 恋 (ren) meaning “love”, or other kanji that are pronounced the same way.

What does ririka mean?

What does Ririka mean? Bronze.

Who is kirari Momobami dating?

She is the 105th student council president at Hyakkaou Private Academy, as well the one responsible for the current hierarchy at the academy.

Kirari Momobami
Relationship Status Getting closer to Sayaka Igarashi

Who is ririka in Kakegurui?

Ririka Momobami (桃喰 リリカ Momobami Ririka) is a character from Kakegurui. She is the Vice President of the Student Council at Hyakkaou Private Academy and the older identical twin sister of Kirari Momobami whose family is aligned with the family of Yumeko Jabami.

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What personality type is Kirari?

Personality. Although Kirari is a refined and proper lady on the outside, she is in truth a calculating, manipulative, psychopathic individual with little regard for anything other than herself. A complete narcissist, she belittles everyone besides herself, believing everyone is to play by her terms alone.

How old is Runa?

While we haven’t been given an exact age for the characters, we know that Runa is a third-year at Hyakkaou Private Academy. Roughly akin to a senior at an American high school, it would be reasonable to guess that she is 17 or 18. Sign up to Apple TV+.

What Japanese girl name means moon?

Mizuki Although the Japanese word for “moon” is usually pronounced tsuki, its initial consonant blend gets softened in the name Mizuki, which can mean “beautiful moon” (美月) or “water moon” (水月).

What is the prettiest Japanese name?

Beautiful Japanese Baby Names

  • Aika – This cute girls name means “love song”.
  • Aimi – Japanese name meaning “love, beauty”.
  • Aina – Japanese name meaning “beautiful eyed woman”.
  • Akemi – This Japanese name means “bright beautiful”.
  • Anzu – Japanese name meaning “sweet child”.
  • Asami – Japanese name meaning “morning beauty”.

What is a cute Japanese name?

Popular Baby Names , origin japanese

Name Meaning Origin
Aiko beloved one, little love Japanese
Aimi love beauty Japanese
Aiya beautiful silk Japanese
Akako red Japanese

Is Ren a girl’s name?

Ren Origin and Meaning

The name Ren is a girl’s name of Japanese origin meaning “water lily, lotus”. Though in Japan the lotus is the Buddhist symbol of purity and perfection, most Westerners would prefer Wren.

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Is Rin a boy name?

Rin (written: 倫, 凛, 臨, 琳, 燐, 凜, りん in hiragana or リン in katakana) is a unisex Japanese given name, sometimes transliterated as Lin or Lynn. Notable people with the name include: Rin Aoki (青木 りん, born 1985), Japanese model and AV actress.

What does Lotus mean in Japanese?

Lotus. It’s said that nothing is more spiritual and enchanting than a lotus flower. In Japanese culture, it represents purity of the body, speech, and mind; derived from Buddhist symbolism.