What does Monomi mean Japanese?

see, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible.

Is Monomi a Japanese name?

Name. Usami (ウサミ), written in Hiragana as うさみ, resembles the Japanese word for rabbit, Usagi (うさぎ). Monomi (モノミ) is a combination on the names of Monokuma (モノクマ) and Usami (ウサミ). The name Monomi is likely a reference to the character Dorami from the Doraemon franchise.

What is Tsumiki in Japanese?

モア・トゥリーズの 「つみき」

Share. TSUMIKI are simple triangle-shaped wooden blocks named after Japanese building blocks tsumiki.

What does Natsume mean in Japanese?

Natsume (ナツメ)/棗, Japanese name for the Jujube fruit (Ziziphus jujuba)

What does Kagari mean in Japanese?

(篝火) Japanese, meaning “bonfire” Home » Submitted Names.

Is Nagito a Makoto?

In the first sequel, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, a new character named Nagito Komaeda was introduced with the same Lucky Talent as Makoto. … His name, “Nagito Komaeda”, was conceived as an anagram for “Naegi Makoto da” (“I am Makoto Naegi”).

What does the name tsukimi mean?

Tsukimi (月見) or Otsukimi (お月見), meaning, “moon-viewing”, also known as Jugoya (十五夜), are Japanese festivals honoring the autumn moon, a variant of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

What is the meaning of Mikan?

noun. The fruit of any of several species of citrus (family Rutaceae) originally cultivated in Japan; especially a variety of mandarin orange, a satsuma.

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What is a good Japanese girl name?

The most popular Japanese baby girl names

  • Himari (陽葵) Meaning: “good hollyhock”
  • Hina (陽菜) Meaning: “good vegetables, edible greens”
  • Yua (結愛) Meaning: “binding love and affection”
  • Sakura (咲良) Meaning: “cherry blossoms”
  • Ichika (一千花) Meaning: “one thousand flowers”
  • Akari (丹梨) …
  • Sara (冴咲) …
  • Yui (佑泉)

What is the meaning of Takashi?

The name Takashi can have multiple different meanings depending on which kanji is used to write it. Some possible writings of the name include: 江詩 – “estuary , inlet, poem” 隆 – “prosperous noble” 喬士 – “high, boasting, samurai, gentleman”

What girl name means innocent?

65 Baby Girl Names That Mean Innocent

Gurit Gurit means innocent child. A person who have childlike innocence on his face. Girl
Ifeta Innocent, virtuous Girl
Inesa She who is kind and innocent Girl
Ismeta Innocent, saved from sin. Girl

What does Fujioka mean in Japanese?

Japanese: ‘wisteria hill’; habitational name from a village in Shinano (now Nagano prefecture), and found mostly in western Japan and the Ryukyu Islands.

What does the name shizuku mean?

The word shizuku (滴 or 雫) means “droplet”