What does Nakatomi mean in Japanese?

Listed in the Shinsen shojiroku, the name originally was Naka-tsu-omi: ‘minister of the center’, denoting an ancient, hereditary office as intermediary between men and deities. …

What does Furuya mean in Japanese?

Japanese: ‘old valley’; more correctly written with characters meaning ‘old room’. Some bearers are descended from the Taira clan, others from the Minamoto through the Satake and Takeda. The name is most common in the Tokyo area. It is pronounced Furutani or Kotani in western Japan.

What does Takano mean in Japanese?

Japanese: from a common place name meaning ‘high field’. The surname is found mostly in eastern Japan and is listed in the Shinsen shojiroku.

What does Otake mean in Japanese?

Japanese (Otake): ‘large bamboo’; the name is found mostly along the southeastern seaboard and in the Ryukyu Islands. Other names, much less common and probably unrelated but having the same pronunciation, are written with characters meaning ‘great warrior’ and ‘large residence’.

Does Furuya become the ace?

In Seidou’s first official match for the fall, Furuya wears the ace number and shines in both pitching and batting. In the third round of the group selection, Seidou faces Seisho High.

Is Takano a surname?

Takano is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Ai Takano, Japanese singer. Aya Takano, Japanese artist and writer.

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What is an otaku boy?

Borrowed from Japanese, otaku refers to a person who is obsessed with manga, anime, and other forms of Japanese or East Asian popular culture.

Does Sawamura get a girlfriend?

Relationship with other characters

She is mistaken by Kuramochi as Sawamura’s girlfriend, but Sawamura repeats several times that she is just a childhood friend and not his girlfriend. Later on Wakana confesses via mail her feeling that she want to watch Sawamura closer on his great development as a pitcher.

Who is the MC of Diamond no Ace?

Sawamura Eijun is the protagonist of the series.

Who is better Sawamura or Furuya?

In Senbatsu Furuya was the better pitcher but in Spring, Sawamura was much better than Furuya (RA=0.75 to Furuya’s 2.82 for the combination of Senbatsu and Spring Tourney) and then Sawamura maintained this level of performance for the majority of Act 2 which earned him the Ace title.