What happens when a Japanese plane spots Louie Mac and Phil on the raft?

What did Louie and Phil do to survive on the raft?

The moment the bomber sped out of firing range, he clambered onto the raft again. Phil and Mac were still unhit. Four more times the Japanese strafed them, sending Louie into the water to kick and punch at the sharks until the bomber had passed.

What happens on the 33rd day in the raft?

After a crash, they spent 47 days adrift in the ocean on a life raft with tail gunner Francis McNamara, who died on the 33rd day. After drifting more than 2,000 miles and washing up on the Marshall Islands, Phillips and Zamperini were captured by the Japanese and imprisoned for two years.

What is the name of the doomed plane on which Louie Phil and Mac fly?

On May 27, 1943, Louie, Phil, and their crew strike out over the Pacific on a rescue mission to find a plane that went missing the day before. They take a new plane, the Green Hornet, and are joined by a new tail gunner, Francis “Mac” McNamara.

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What is Louie’s injury on the raft?

On the surface, Phil and Mac stay afloat by holding on to some of the plane’s debris. Phil has a bleeding head injury. Louie swims to the two inflated life-rafts and brings them over to Phil and Mac. Louie wraps his t-shirt around Phil’s head wound.

What injury did Phil have after the crash?

What injuries did Phil sustain and how did Louis help him? Phil has a bleeding head injury. Louis brings the rafts to Phil and Mac. He wraps his T-shirt around Phil’s head.

How do Phil and Louie most likely feel about Mac just after his death?

In the excerpt from Unbroken, how do Phil and Louie most likely feel about Mac just after his death? They feel sorry that he died before they spotted the island. They feel sorry that they did not share their water with him. … When faced with great suffering or death, people turn on each other.

What happened Zamperini pilot?

Phillips was a LaPorte High School and Purdue University graduate who went on to become a lieutenant and pilot in the Army Air Corps. The fateful crash took place during a search and rescue mission when the bomber’s engines failed. Eight of the 11-member crew died on impact.

What happened when Zamperini and Phillips finally reached land?

When Zamperini and Phillips, finally reached land on the Marshall Islands they were captured and taken prisoner. For more than two years he was systematically starved and beaten. The sadistic sergeant, nicknamed “The Bird,” set out to break him with physical and psychological torture.

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What happens at the end of the book Unbroken?

At the end of Unbroken, WWII ends (spoiler alert), Louie gets to go home (yay), gets married (woo), suffers from pretty intense PTSD (boo), and ultimately realizes how freaking awesome he his (the man punched out a shark for Shmoop’s sake) and lives happily ever after, finding religion in a Billy Graham tent and …

Who ate all the chocolate Unbroken?

Along with Louie and Phil, Mac survives the crash into the Pacific, but it’s all downhill from there. First, he eats all the survival chocolate, eliminating days’ worth of rations in a few seconds. Even though Louie understands that Mac did this in a moment of panic, he’s still not happy about it.

What happens when a Japanese plane spots the men on the raft *?

14. What happens when a Japanese plane spots the men on the raft? The crew continues flying.

Who were the stinking six?

Summary: Chapter 10, The Stinking Six

The soldiers and natives on the island scatter. Unable to find a formal bomb shelter, some take to digging foxholes of their own. Others hide under huts and various other structures.

How did Louie make Mac stop screaming?

They have basic supplies for fishing and raft maintenance but no way to get more water. The odd calm on the raft breaks when Mac starts screaming that they are all going to die. Louie slaps him across the face and he returns to his silence.

How did Louie Phil and Mac survive in unbroken?

At first, they think the plane made a mistake, but when it returns and begins firing again, they realize it is a Japanese bomber. The firing comes five more times, and Louie hops into the water each time, punching sharks away. Somehow, they all survive.

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How many days did Mac survive?

When his B-24 bomber crashed into the sea on May 27, 1943, only three men survived: Louie, his pilot Russell Allen “Phil” Phillips, and tail gunner Francis “Mac” McNamara. Over the next 46 days, they struggled to survive in two small, inflatable rafts while drifting across miles and miles of water.