What is Hagi in Japanese?

What does Hagi mean in Japanese?

bud, sprout, spear, germ.

What does shayari mean in Japanese?

noun (common) (futsuumeishi) rice prepared for sushi.

What does seishu mean in Japanese?

pure, purify, cleanse, exorcise, Manchu dynasty.

What does Nudo mean in Japanese?

noun (common) (futsuumeishi)


What is shorai in Japanese?

come, due, next, cause, become.

What do I call my girlfriend in Japanese?

Lover in Japanese is ‘koibito’ and you may use it to introduce a lover but you wouldn’t say it to them. A wife may call her husband ‘anata’ for affection. An alternative is to give them a cute nickname or pet name.

What is I love you in anime language?

Ai shiteru (愛してる)

The phrase you might know from anime or textbooks is ai shiteru (愛してる / あいしてる ), or ai shiteru yo for emphasis. This is the most literal way to say I love you in Japanese.

What does Blue Spring mean?

Blue Spring (青い春, Aoi haru) is a 2002 Japanese youth drama film, written and directed by Toshiaki Toyoda and based on Taiyō Matsumoto’s manga of same title. … The film title can be understood as “inexperienced years” or teenage years, but it also can be understood as “fresh start”.

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Is Nudo a word?

nud. –First correct orthography: Reveal in Phytologia 74: 230.


Acronym Definition
NUD New, Unique, & Difficult
NUD Nor-Cal Underground Design