What is Hello Okinawa?

沖縄口 Uchinaaguchi (Okinawan) Welcome. めんそーれー (mensooree) Hello (General greeting)

How do you say hello in Okinawa?

Sample words

  1. Mensooree (めんそーれー) – Welcome, Hello (when receiving)
  2. Hai (はい) – Hello (gender neutral)
  3. Haisai (はいさい) – Hello (male only)
  4. Haitai (はいたい) – Hello (female only)
  5. Ganjyuu (がんじゅー) – Fine health (in greeting)
  6. Uchinaaguchi (沖縄口/うちなーぐち) – Okinawan language.
  7. Uchinaanchu (沖縄人/うちなーんちゅ) – Okinawan person.

What does Uchinanchu meaning?

Uchinanchu in Okinawan language means ‘Okinawan people. ‘ Sample 1. Uchinanchu means Okinawan people,and the number of people of Okinawan heritage who live outside of Japan exceeds 360,000.

What does Hai Sai mean?

“Haisai” is the Okinawan way of saying “Hello” – they have a dialect that is different from Japanese. Situated between Japan and Taiwan, Okinawa is also known as “Hawaii of the East” with its beautiful sub-tropical islands and sandy beaches. ( photo above courtesy of Okinawa Tourist Service)

What do people from Okinawa speak?

Okinawan Japanese (ウチナーヤマトゥグチ, 沖縄大和口, Uchinaa Yamatu-guchi) is the Japanese language as spoken by the people of Okinawa Islands. Okinawan Japanese’s accents and words are influenced by the traditional Okinawan and Kunigami languages.

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How do you say love in Okinawan?

But in the tropical islands of Okinawa (沖縄), the most common is deeji suki saa (でーじ好きさぁ). As you can see, although there are some differences between these examples, they all use suki. So you should not worry when you want to say, “I love you.” If you use suki desu, any Japanese person will understand you.

Where is Okinawan spoken?

Central Okinawan distinguishes itself from the speech of Northern Okinawa, which is classified independently as the Kunigami language.

Okinawan language.

Native to Japan
Region Southern Okinawa Islands
Native speakers 980,000 (2000)
Language family Japonic Ryukyuan Northern Ryukyuan Okinawan

How do you say beautiful in Okinawa?

Churasan is a phrase describing something that is beautiful or pretty. The adjective chura is also used in its predicative form, and is a word that can often be heard in Okinawa.

What is Nankurunaisa?

Often used in TV shows and others, the Okinawan idiom “nankurunaisa” is now famous in and out of Okinawa. Haven’t you heard it before? It means “everything is gonna be alright” and many people take it as a way to express optimism.

How do you say Grandpa in Okinawan?

taNmee is the nobility term for a grandfather, whilst the common people’s term is ʔusumee.

How do you say thank you in Okinawa?

Now, how do you thank someone in Okinawa? Sure, you can say “thank you” or “arigatou” (ありがとう). But in Okinawan language, it’s “niffee debiru” (御拝でーびーる). It’s how you show appreciation to someone.

How do you say happy birthday in Okinawan?

Offering Birthday Wishes. Say “otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu” to be polite. “Otanjoubi omedetou gazaiasu” means “happy birthday.” However, the “o” before “tanjoubi” indicates politeness and respect.

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How do you say sorry in Okinawan?


  1. Hello. Haisai / Haitai. ほいさい / ほいたい
  2. Good Day. Chuu Wuganabira. ちゅーをぅがなびら
  3. Good Night. Uyukuimi Soori. うゆくいみそおり
  4. Goodbye. Guburii Sabira. ぐぶりーさびら
  5. Sorry. Wassaibiin. わっさいびーん
  6. Yes. Uu. うう
  7. No. Wuuwuu. をぅうをぅう
  8. How are you? Hajimiti wuganabira. はじめてぃ をぅがなびら

What religion is Okinawa?

Okinawans have traditionally followed Ryukyuan religious beliefs. This is characterized by worshipping ancestors and respecting the relationships between the living, dead and the gods and spirits of the natural world.

Are Okinawans indigenous?

Okinawans or Ryūkyūans are the Indigenous Peoples of the Ryūkyū Islands, which make up the current Okinawa prefecture in Japan. The Ainu are the Indigenous People of Hokkaido, the second largest island in Japan.