What is Mako in Japanese?

What is the Japanese name for Moon?

Tsuki (Japanese origin) means “moon or lunar”.

What is Miku in Japanese?

a. Miku a name of Japanese origin, and it is traditionally a girl’s name. The name consists of the Japanese words mi 美 (beautiful) and Ku 空 (sky) or Ku 久 (long time). Another possible derivation might be through the nanori reading of Mirai 未来 (future). The meaning of Miku is ‘beautiful, sky’, and ‘long time’.

What does Shiro Yuki mean?

Shiroyuki (史郎雪 , literally meaning „white snow“) is a young restless traveler and the actual holder of the sword-shingu First Sin: Ketsuekiame. Accompanied by her older brother Yu, she is travelling around the empire. She has a second personality named Akatsuki who demonstrates a more bloodthirsty character.

What does Kaisa mean in Japanese?

Meaning & History

From Japanese 海 (kai) meaning “sea, ocean” combined with 紗 (sa) meaning “gauze, thin silk”.

What Japanese girl name means fire?

Kazuya (Japanese origin) meaning ‘fire’.

It is one of the popular Japanese girl names meaning fire.

What Japanese girl name means sun?

Most Popular Japanese Girl Names

Name Meaning
Himari The Japanese name Himari means “is sun”.
Hina Hina a beautiful Japanese name means “light,sun,vegetables”.
Ichika Ichika is a popular Japanese name meaning “one thousand flowers”.
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What does the name Miki mean?

The name Miki is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Beautiful, Chronicle.

What does ichika mean?

5) Ichika (一千花)

Meaning: “one thousand flowers”

What Japanese name means water?

1. Akua (Japanese origin) meaning “water”. The name is influenced by the Latin word aqua. 2.

Is shirayuki a Japanese name?

The name Shirayuki means “white” (白) (shira) and “snow” (雪) (yuki), although it is translated as “Snow White”.

What does Kai SAS name mean?

Her name resembles Finnish Kaisa, ultimately from Pre-Greek Αἰκατερίνη, as are Caitlyn & Katarina, possibly after Hecate, Pre-Greek goddess of crossroads and witchcraft. Her name’s current form follows the Ancient Shuriman naming convention for. Voidborns. Her accent is Afrikaner.

Where does the name Kai SA come from?

Kaisa (name)

Language(s) Finnish
Region of origin Finland, Estonia
Other names
Related names Katariina, Kajsa, Kaarina