What is Renshuu in Japanese?

How do you use Renshuu in a sentence?

I need to follow along my class’s curriculum. I’ll use renshuu’s pre-made textbook lessons. Next semester, I’d like to study for the JLPT exam as well! I need to get my Japanese up so I can nab a better job.

What is Sasshi in Japanese?

Sasshi as a noun can be defined as conjecture, surmise, or guessing what one means. In its verb form sassuru, its meaning is expanded to include imagining, supposing, empathizing with, and making allowances for others (Nishida, 1977, 1982).

What is Teiji in Japanese?

te(i)-ji. Origin:Japanese. Meaning:righteous; well-governed.

What does Ansen mean in Japanese?

darkness, disappear, shade, informal, grow dark, be blinded.

What is meaning of Mainichi in Japanese?

毎日 (まいにち) Every day.

What is Benkyou in Japanese?

勉強する benkyou suru is a “to study” verb, and is often the first of the “study/learn” verbs taught in Japanese textbooks. It is the verb most commonly used in contexts such as the following: 1. I’m studying right now (今勉強しています ima benkyou shiteimasu) 2.

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