What is Tamani in Japanese?

How do you use Tamani in Japanese?

たまに tamani – occasionally

Tamani たまに means occasionally in Japanese, this can be used to describe something that happens every once in a while, and is less frequent than Tokidoki, sometimes. As you can see this is great to express things that you can do occasionally or once in a while.

What is Tamani?

Learn Japanese vocabulary: たまに (tamani). Meaning: occasionally; once in a while; now and then; rarely; seldom.

What is Teiji in Japanese?

te(i)-ji. Origin:Japanese. Meaning:righteous; well-governed.

What does POSU mean in Japanese?

Mas Oyama – founder of Kyokushin Karate. In this particular case, “Osu!” is a combination of two different kanji (Sino-Japanese characters), namely the verb ‘osu’ which means “to push”, and ‘shinobu’ which means “to endure/suffer” or “to hide”.

What is meaning of Mainichi in Japanese?

毎日 (まいにち) Every day.

How do you say wassup in Japanese?

If you’re looking to ask someone simply “What’s up” as a casual greeting in Japanese, you can use 元気 (genki) by itself. 元気 (genki) is a very common phrase that we use all the time in Japanese.

What is OSU Japanese?

The first kanji is the Japanese verb osu which means “push.” It symbolizes the combat spirit, the importance of effort and the necessity to overcome all obstacles, push them aside and advance with a steady positive attitude.

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Why do Japanese say yo?

“Yo!” in Japanese – よー!

This one is also more masculine, but sometimes young girls and women say it, too, to get someone’s attention. You could also use the phrase おーい! (O-i!) This is only used as an exclamation, and it’s a more masculine expression.