What is the cost of Okinawa Electric Scooter?

Is Okinawa a Chinese company?

Made-in-India Okinawa promises to be India’s fastest and most advanced e-scooter; bears strong resemblance to a Chinese e-scooter from Luyuan. Okinawa is an Indian company that was set up in 2015 and is headquartered in Gurgaon with a manufacturing plant in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan.

Is Okinawa Indian brand?

Okinawa electric scooter is a 100% Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company, established in 2015, with a mission to drive our present towards a sustainable future.

Which is better Okinawa or Hero electric scooter?

The ex-showroom price of the Hero Electric Photon HX in New Delhi starts at ₹ 74,240 .

Praise Vs Photon HX – Which model is Cheapest?

Summary Okinawa Praise Hero Electric Photon HX
Body Type Scooter Scooter
Mileage 170.00 Km/Full Charge 108.00 Km/Full Charge
Power N/A N/A
Engine Lithium-ion Battery Advanced Lithium-Ion

Which country made Okinawa electric scooter?

Unlike the perception, Okinawa is, clarified the MD, a “made-in-India and made-for-India” company. The electric two-wheeler manufacturer only found its inspiration in Japan.

Who is the owner of Okinawa?

Jeetender Sharma – Founder & Managing Director – Okinawa Scooters | LinkedIn.

Which country belongs to Okinawa?

During the Pacific War, Okinawa was the site of the only land battle in Japan that involved civilians. After the war, Okinawa was placed under the administration of the United States. In 1972, however, Okinawa was returned to Japanese administration. Okinawa remains under Japanese administration today.

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Is Komaki a Chinese company?

KLB Komaki Private Limited – Manufacturer from Japan, New Delhi, India | Who We Are.

Which electric scooter does not need license?

Top Electric Scooters That Do Not Require A Licence

  • Joy E-Bike Monster (Rs 98,999): In a sea of electric scooters, the Joy E-Bike Monster manages to stand out. …
  • Hero Electric Optima E5 (Rs 66,551): …
  • Ampere Reo Elite (Rs 59,990): …
  • Okinawa Lite (Rs 59,990): …
  • Lohia Oma Star Li (Rs 51,750):

Is Okinawa worth buying?

Okinawa praise is the best electric scooter. It have great charge efficiency to reach upto 150-200kms on a single charge. And it can charge battery within 1-2 hrs (fast charging). … Top speed, great charge efficiency, better performance, less price, it needs only 10p/km etc.

What is the best electric scooter 2020?

The best electric scooters you can buy today

  1. Unagi Model One. The best electric scooter overall. …
  2. Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max. The best electric scooter for long distances. …
  3. Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite. Best midrange electric scooter. …
  4. Glion Dolly. …
  5. Apollo Explore. …
  6. GoTrax XR Ultra. …
  7. Razor E100. …
  8. Glion Balto.

Which is better hero and Okinawa?

Hero Electric Photon vs Okinawa PraisePro Comparison

Hero Electric Photon price in Delhi is Rs 74240 (ex-showroom price) whereas the Okinawa PraisePro price in Delhi is Rs 79845 (ex-showroom). Hero Electric offers the Photon in 3 colours whereas the Okinawa PraisePro comes in 3 colours.

Do electric scooters need license?

Riders must be 18 or over and have a full or provisional driving licence to rent an e-scooter.

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Does Okinawa Lite require license?

The electric scooter does not need any registration or driving license for riding. … The new Lite is also a perfect fit for women with its ease of driving and compact design.” The Okinawa Lite is powered by a waterproof 250 watt brushless DC motor. Providing power to this motor is a 40 volt 1.25 kWh lithium-ion battery.