What is the hottest temperature in Okinawa?

According to the Okinawa Metrological Agency, the highest temperature ever on Okinawa main island was recorded at the Itokazu district of Nanjo City on Aug. 7 when the mercury soared to 36.1 degrees centigrade (97ºF). The record ties the highest ever recorded within the prefecture, which was observed on Jul.

What is the hottest month in Okinawa?

In July, the warmest month of the year, the average temperature in Okinawa is of 29.4 °C (85 °F), with a minimum of 27 °C (80.6 °F) and a maximum of 31.9 °C (89.4 °F). On the coldest nights of the month, the temperature usually drops to around 24.5 °C (76 °F). However, in July 2009, it dropped to 21 °C (69.8 °F).

Does it ever snow in Okinawa?

Cold snap brings Okinawa first-ever snow.

Does Okinawa get bad storms?

The island of Okinawa, which is located at the southern end of the country, may get hit with seven or eight typhoons a year, while the mainland may only be hit by two or three. While typhoons are more common in some areas than others, any region of Japan runs the risk of being hit by a typhoon during monsoon season.

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How warm is the water in Okinawa?

The water temperature ranges between 20C to 30C (70-86 degrees!) – Okinawa is the only place in Japan where you can go diving in wetsuits all year around!

Does Okinawa get cold?

In Okinawa, the summers are hot, oppressive, wet, and overcast; the winters are cool and mostly clear; and it is windy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 57°F to 89°F and is rarely below 50°F or above 92°F.

How much does it cost to live in Okinawa?

pay 63.0% more for housing

1-Bedroom apartment in downtown area $566.82 ¥64,193 +116.2%
1-Bedroom apartment outside city center $412.88 ¥46,759 +150.6%
Utilities for two (700 sq ft apartment) including electric, gas, water, heating $172.18 ¥19,500 -25.3%
Average +63.0%

Is Okinawa part of Korea?

The total population of Okinawa Island is 1,384,762. The Greater Naha area has roughly 800,000 residents, while the city itself has about 320,000 people. Naha is the seat of Okinawa Prefecture on the southwestern part of Okinawa Island.

Okinawa Island.

Native name: 沖縄本島
Ethnic groups Ryukyuan, Japanese

What is the best month to visit Okinawa?

The best time to visit is in spring or autumn (roughly March to early May and late Sept to Dec). The rainy season lasts from early May to early June, while typhoons can be a problem in July and August, and occasionally into October.

Is Okinawa tropical?

Consisting of 49 inhabited islands and 111 uninhabited islands, Okinawa has a subtropical/tropical climate. … Every year there are more and more foreign visitors going to Okinawa but the number still remains low compared to the tourist destinations on mainland Japan.

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Does Okinawa get typhoons?

Each year, about 30 typhoons or tropical storms form over the Pacific ocean. Approximately seven to eight of these may affect the island of Okinawa, and only three reach Japan’s main islands. Your travel plans are unlikely to be affected.

How often is Okinawa typhoon?

About 30 typhoons form each year over the Northwest Pacific Ocean, of which an average of about seven or eight pass over Okinawa Prefecture, and about three hit the Japanese main islands, especially Kyushu and Shikoku. But any region of Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido can be visited by typhoons.

Is Okinawa a part of Japan?

During the Pacific War, Okinawa was the site of the only land battle in Japan that involved civilians. After the war, Okinawa was placed under the administration of the United States. In 1972, however, Okinawa was returned to Japanese administration. Okinawa remains under Japanese administration today.

What’s the coldest it gets in Okinawa?

Okinawa is warm compared to Tokyo or Osaka. Even in January, the average temperature is around 17°C/62.6°F and highs of 20°C/68°F. The coldest it gets is around 15°C/59°F, so it’s really comfortable.

How hot does it get in Okinawa Japan?

Temperature. Okinawa is a subtropical island with an yearly average temperature above 68°F. During summers, wind from the ocean around makes its temperature rarely goes above 86°F. Wearing sunglasses is recommended when you drive or are at beaches.

Is October a good time to visit Okinawa?

But generally, from September to October is a great season to visit there for those who wish to avoid crowds. Since the summer in Okinawa is long, the temperature in October is warm enough as well as the sea temperature is warm as 25 degrees. … Although it’s winter, the temperature is around 16–20 degrees.

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