What is the most used browser in Japan?

Safari was the most popular tablet web browser in Japan as of September 2021, with a market share of close to 55 percent. It was followed by Chrome, which accounted for more than 30 percent of the tablet browser market.

What is the most used web browser in Japan?

Th web browser Chrome accounted for approximately 47 percent of web traffic in Japan as of December 2020, making it the most used browser in the country.

What is the most used web browser in the world?

As of June 2021, Google’s Chrome is the leading internet browser in the world with a global market share of 65.27 percent. In other words, more than six in ten people use Chrome to browse the internet. Apple’s Safari is in second place with 18.32 percent, 46.95 percentage points behind.

Which is the most commonly used web browser in Asia?

In October 2021, the most widely used internet browser (desktop, mobile, tablet, and console) in Asia was Chrome. Its market share was almost 74 percent during that time in 2021. Safari was the closest internet browser to Chrome, with a mere 11.38 percent of the market in Asia.

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Why does Japan use Internet Explorer?

In comparison with the US, Japan seems to have higher dependency to stick with Internet Explorer in many corporations. I guess this is because of the nature of companies in Japan spending less resource to IT personnel, and tendency to be rather conservative on technology which makes IE lives longer.

Who uses Firefox?

According to Browser Market Share Worldwide , 4.2% of the users still use Firefox, which in number of people is a lot. The reason for Chrome being the first is that almost every browser is Chrome now.

Who owns Firefox?

Mozilla Corporation

Mozilla’s headquarters in San Francisco, California
Products Mozilla Firefox Pocket More
Revenue US$826.6 million (2019)
Number of employees ~750 (2020)
Parent Mozilla Foundation

Is Firefox Safe?

Firefox includes a range of security features, including security indicators and malware protection. Because of its advanced security features, Firefox offers an extremely safe browsing experience. Firefox also allows you to control what information you share online, keeping your personal information private.

Is QQ a browser?

QQ Browser is a web browser for the Android, Windows, OS X, and iOS platforms, developed by Tencent. The Android version of QQ Browser was first released outside of China in November 2011, and a version for the OS X platform was released in March 2012.

Is Microsoft Edge blocked in China?

However, the launch of a new version of Microsoft’s Edge browser earlier this year could threaten Chrome’s dominance. Users have reportedly been impressed with the browser’s user interface and, most importantly, the Microsoft website is accessible in mainland China, so no VPN is required to download extensions.

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Which browser is mostly used in China?

Google Chrome browser still takes the first place in Chinese browser market in August 2020, accounting for 58.22% of the market share, down 0.3% from July. Microsoft Edge ranked second most popular Chinese browser, with a significant increase in market share, from 15.84% to 16.43%.