What is the name of the Japanese guard who befriends Louie?

a mysterious Japanese man who befriends Louie at USC. Louie later is surprised to encounter him in the Japanese camp of Ofuna, where Louie learns he has the position of head interrogator of all POWs in Japan.

Who was Louie reunited with at Omori?

Summary of pages 261–290:

Eventually, the Bird is ordered to leave Omori because of his cruelty toward the POWs. Bill Harris is transferred to Omori, where he and Louie are reunited.

What is the name of the person at the camp that Louie was sent to that would inflict the most harm on him?

He was also beaten, interrogated, and routinely humiliated—all a foretaste of what his life would be like over the next two years. Louie was transferred among POW camps, but his time spent under the sadistic Corporal (later Sergeant) Mutsuhiro Watanabe was the worst.

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Who was the Japanese spy in unbroken?

Jimmie Sasaki was a Japanese military official and spy, who Louis Zamperini knew from college. Strangely, Louis encountered Jimmie Sasaki again when he was captured by the Japanese during World War II.

What did Louie give to the Japanese interrogating him when he was first captured?

Doctors inject a substance into their arms that make their bodies burn and sting. Soon after, Louie contracts dengue fever. When interrogators question Louie again, he gives them false information about the locations of American bases.

What did Pete and Louie in the mail?

Before the final, he opens an envelope from Pete, with contains a joker playing card and an ace. Pete’s letter asks him which one he will be. Remembering this during the race, as Louie nears the finish, he decides to give an all-out kick.

How did Louie make Mac stop screaming?

They have basic supplies for fishing and raft maintenance but no way to get more water. The odd calm on the raft breaks when Mac starts screaming that they are all going to die. Louie slaps him across the face and he returns to his silence.

Who were the stinking six?

Summary: Chapter 10, The Stinking Six

The soldiers and natives on the island scatter. Unable to find a formal bomb shelter, some take to digging foxholes of their own. Others hide under huts and various other structures.

Which guard showed Louie and Phil kindness?

One day, a Christian Japanese guard named Kawamura offers kindness and compassion to Louie, which restores some of his self-respect. They talk as equals and the guard protects Louie from some of the most abusive guards.

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Why is Louie targeted by the bird?

Louie tried to blend in with other prisoners and hide, but the Bird hunted him like prey and always found him. Louie was desperate for someone to save him, but the only ally the men had at camp was another guard, Private Kano, who often helped the prisoners behind the Bird’s back.

Who was Jimmie Sasaki to Louie?

Kunichi James “Jimmie” Sasaki A Japanese émigré who claimed to be a student at the University of Southern California (USC), but was really an undercover spy for the Japanese military, he was a track fan and friend of Louie Zamperini.

What does Louie believe about himself?

Louie registers belief that God saved his life because Louie promised to serve God. … He describes himself as “a body on a raft.” In that moment, he promises God that if he survives, he will dedicate his life to serving God.

Who was Louis Zamperini’s wife?

Zamperini and Cynthia Applewhite were married in 1946, until her death in 2001; they had two children, Cissy and Luke.

What nickname did Louis get in school?

His speed and newfound admiration earn him the nickname “The Torrance Tornado.” He has becomes a regional celebrity. Louie begins to think he can make the 1936 Olympic team for the 1500-meter race. After graduating high school, he is offered a scholarship to the University of Southern California, where Pete attends.

What did Louie’s bomb hit on Nauru?

Japan seizes the island of Nauru in August 1942, and the Super Man is ordered to bomb the phosphate works on the island. They get into an intense air battle. Their left wing is hit, but Louie stays focused and hits his targets. When Phil takes control, they’re surrounded by nine Zeros.

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How long did Louie hold the plank?

He Was a Prisoner of War

Zamperini was pummeled with clubs, belts, and fists, and on one occasion, was ordered to hold a heavy wooden beam over his head. He lasted 37 minutes before passing out.