What is Tsuri in Japanese?

What is Tsuri in Japan?

suspend, hang, wear (sword)

What is Keiji in Japanese?

a. Keiji is a name for boys. It is said to have originated from Japanese. The meaning of Keiji is ‘success’ or ‘govern’. Keiji Hanso is a famous musician with the name Keiji.

What is Teiji in Japanese?

te(i)-ji. Origin:Japanese. Meaning:righteous; well-governed.

What is dakko in Japanese?

embrace, hug, hold in arms.

What is Tsuridaiko instrument?

The tsuri-daiko (kanji: 釣り太鼓; also called gaku-daiko (kanji: 楽太鼓)) is a large Japanese hanging drum. It is played with two mallets on one side only. It is used primarily in bugaku orchestra.

What is Kawa Japanese?

Kawa is the Japanese word for ‘river’.

Can Keiji be a girl name?

Keiji (けいじ, ケイジ) is a Japanese given name usually used for males.

Is Keiji from Wah banana Japanese?

Biography. Keiji was born to a Japanese father and a Singaporean-Chinese mother. He has an older brother, Ken Umehara and an older sister, Rei Umehara. Keiji and his siblings were raised in Singapore.

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