What kind of car did Kobe Bryant Drive?

On this day a year ago, retired NBA superstar Kobe Bryant tragically died in a helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna and seven other people. The Los Angeles Lakers legend had a number of passions beyond basketball including cars. His custom-built 1963 Chevrolet Impala lowrider particularly stood out.

What cars did Kobe Bryant Drive?

Kobe Bryant car collection

Other than the impressive Chevrolet, Bryant reportedly also owned a Ferrari F430 (no longer in production), Cadillac Escalade, 2011 Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid, Lamborghini Murcielago, Bentley Continental GT, Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 458 Italia among many others.

What was Kobe Bryant’s favorite car?

Ferrari 458 Italia, and if media reports are to be believed, it was this car that quickly became his favorite. So here’s what we know about the purchase and what made the Ferrari 458 Italia Kobe Bryant’s favorite car…

What type of car does Vanessa Bryant Drive?

Bryant purchased a new Tesla, which she gifted to Washington on Thursday. Both Bryant and Washington shared pictures and video of the moment on Instagram. The first post from Bryant contains a picture of the two hugging in front of the new Tesla.

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What was Kobe Bryant’s first car?

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant’s 1963 Chevy Impala is up for sale at Goldin Auctions, per TMZ Sports. Goldin Auctions Founder and CEO Ken Goldin told TMZ Sports he expects the car to sell for around $250,000.

What car did Kobe buy his wife?

Kobe Bryant’s old 1963 Chevy Impala, which was a Christmas gift from his wife Vanessa and once featured on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” was sold for a hefty price tag at an auction on Monday. The car, which was initially listed at $100,000 at Goldin Auctions, was sold for $221,400 on Monday.

How much did Kobe Bryant’s car sell for?

A 1963 Chevy Impala once owned by Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant sold for $221,400 through Goldin Auctions on Monday. The initial bidding started at $100,000, and nine bids brought the car to its final price tag.

Did Snoop Dogg give Kobe a car?

Long Beach native, Snoop Dogg, gave the five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant the keys to a custom Pontiac Parisienne convertible. Although Bryant didn’t really need any gifts, considering he was the 10th-highest-paid athlete in the world, Snoop showed his appreciation for his friend with this grand gesture.

Who is the richest player in the NBA?

LeBron James tops Forbes list as highest earning NBA player for 2021-22

1. LeBron James $111.2m
2. Stephen Curry $92.8m
3. Kevin Durant $87.9m
4. Giannis Antetokounmpo $80.3m

What kind of Tesla did Vanessa Bryant buy?

Kobe was known as the kindest, most generous man in sports, so he would totally be proud of how Vanessa is also giving back. Vanessa and Kobe’s sister, Sharia Washington, are also close friends. Earlier this week, Vanessa surprised Sharia with a most unexpected gift, a brand new Tesla Model 3.

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