What name means comet in Japanese?

彗星 Suisei. More Japanese words for comet. 彗星 noun. Suisei comet.

What Japanese name means lighting?

Akari: The Japanese name meaning “lights” or “brightness” has a splendid feel and flow for Baby Girl. Or you might consider the similar Akira, meaning “bright and intelligent.”

What Japanese name means Storm?

Ranto (Japanese origin) name meaning “tempest or storm”.

What does the Japanese name Mizuki mean?

Mizuki Although the Japanese word for “moon” is usually pronounced tsuki, its initial consonant blend gets softened in the name Mizuki, which can mean “beautiful moon” (美月) or “water moon” (水月).

What does the Japanese name Mika mean?

The name Mika is primarily a gender-neutral name of Japanese origin that means Beautiful, Fragrance, Good.

What Japanese name means glow?

Hikaru (ひかる, ヒカル) is a Japanese verb meaning “to shine” (光る), and it is the dictionary form of the word Hikari (光, light).


Pronunciation Hikaru
Gender unisex
Word/name Japanese
Meaning Light, Radiance (depending on kanji used)
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What does Hanako mean in English?

Hanako is a female Japanese given name. The name can have different meanings, one of them being 花子, meaning “flower girl.” It is often seen as an archetypal name for females. 華子 (華 is a kanji of many uses – ‘splendor’, ‘flower’, ‘petal’, ‘shine’, ‘luster’, ‘ostentatious’, ‘showy’.

What does DEKU mean in Japan?

Overall, the word deku is a Japanese word that refers to a wooden doll or puppet. Traditionally, these dolls had no arms or legs. The word deku is also used as a teasing insult in Japanese to refer to a blockhead or dummy. The phrase implies that the person is as useless as a legless, armless wooden doll.

Is Raiden a boy or girl name?

The name Raiden is a girl’s name meaning “thunder and lightning”. Raiden is a powerful choice for a baby girl. The Japanese god of thunder’s name is traditionally pronounced RYE-den, but most children named Raiden in the US pronounce it to rhyme with familiar choices Aiden, Jayden, and Hayden.

What is a Japanese name for thunder?

The name “Raijin” is derived from the Japanese words kaminari (雷, meaning “thunder”; on-reading rai) and kami (神, meaning “god”; on-reading shin or jin).

What does Yuna mean in Japanese?

a. A traditionally feminine name that is of Japanese origins, the meaning of Yuna is ‘kindness’.

What Japanese name means starlight?

The name Hoshi is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means Star.

What does the name Akira mean?

a-ki-ra. Origin:Japanese. Popularity:1889. Meaning:bright, clear, ideal.

What does Miku mean in Japanese?

Miku a name of Japanese origin, and it is traditionally a girl’s name. The name consists of the Japanese words mi 美 (beautiful) and Ku 空 (sky) or Ku 久 (long time). … The meaning of Miku is ‘beautiful, sky’, and ‘long time’.

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What is the Japanese name for Moon?

Tsuki (Japanese origin) means “moon or lunar”.

What does Ako mean in Japanese?

I, my, our, one’s own.